Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mrs Justa and the septic tank pumper

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Okay, now there are jobs and there are jobs,

and this job takes the prize in my mind. Again I ask, what in the world would make someone a professional septic tank pumper outer. Jeff and Amanda just had to get one pumped, and it had not been done for a few years,Jeff said it was full. No one has lived in this house for months, so I am thinking that was ripe.

Really, have you ever been back with the septic man?

Heck you can be 1/2 mile away and know one of these guys are around. imageDo you go to school for pumping poop? Some of the stuff they do may be neat, like when they get to bring in the steam shovels and back hoes and destroy a person yard to put in a new leach field,  but the dude who drives around the tanker trucks, with cutsey names, like turd hunter, or poop taxi, I mean what can make them look forward to coming to work?

I am glad they do, because without them,

us country folks would be up poop creek without a paddle. I can not imagine that they have all their senses. The sense of smell has got to be something they are lacking, and maybe their vision is not the greatest, cuz it is hard to believe anyone would like to play in other peoples ( or their own for that matter) poop from the last yr or so.

Where we used to live,

they tried to stretch the pumper of poop appointments to every 5 years.image We had 4 homes going into one septic- and let me tell ya, when that guy took the lid off, we all closed the windows and breathed thru fabric softener sheets.

Can you imagine doing their laundry?

You would have to do it immediately, the guys would have to strip on the porch. And do they stop for lunch? How can you keep the visuals of the job out of your dreams?

And do they jump out of bed in the morning, excited of the day to come? My hat goes of to you folks who do this for a living, and I thank you for it, I just can not figure out why you do it. Keep pumping, and we will keep going. Love Mrs Justa, ( photos from google image)


preciousrock said...

Mrs. Justa I don't know what to say about this post except LOL, LOL. Yah, I have had my experiences with the poop pumpers. My yucky dog used to go out into the yard and eat the poop when it came up. Blech and Gross!

Mark Krusen said...

Precious, I do not know what is going on in my mind, but I have definitely been pondering about weird stuff lately.And I am serious, what possesses folks to do this job? I have a few more ponders coming out soon :) LOL That dog of your must ahve been fun to get a wet kiss from afterwards! YUCK!!!Thanks for the comment ! Cindy