Monday, November 10, 2008

Mrs Justa and the colors of life

My mom used to say her favorite color was sky-blue-pink. This photo is dedicated to my mom, for this is the closest to sky-blue-pink I can run across. I see many colors evolve before my eyes as I drive in to work every morning. Now that daylight savings time has forced us to turn our clocks back an hour, I find I am half way to work before the darkened sky becomes illuminated with colors.

I love the peacefulness of the early morning hours, when you can hear the wind whisper and the 100_1809clouds start to rise above the land. In the process of doing so, the trees begin to pop out their heads through the blanket of mist.

I saw a deer this morning as it surfaced on the fog filled field. It was like an image growing from the earth. It's elegant stance , so poetic, and then the sucker darted across the road, smack dab in front of me. It took the ahhh , the peaceful feeling, and accelerated shock and fear in me. From ahhhh to AHHHHH. Fortunately Bambi and my vehicle survived the sudden change. But by the time I had recuperated from the fear of smashing the car and trashing the deer, the sunset had lost it's color and it was replaced with a glaring yellow sun.

Each sunrise is different, and it always brings me peace. Who knows what colors will be there tomorrow, painted across the horizon. But whatever it is, I will try to enjoy them. Things like this bring me such joy, such peace and such realization that we are such a minute part of this great world that God has provided us with.  

100_1865_edited We do need to stop, look around and see what we can see, in this lifetime movie set that we live in. The admission is free, the sites constantly change, and the beauty never ends if you look for it.

Love always , Mrs Justa.

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