Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mrs Justa and the 2nd debate??

The great debate !!! You have got to be kidding me. I chose this photo ( courtesy of image because these rocks have more personality and excitement then I feel that either of the candidates had in debate number 2. IN my humble opinion, there is more thought in these 2 pieces of compressed sand and minerals then either person brought to the table. One might want to go to and see what the facts are, cuz neither of these 2 guys have their information correct.

I am tired, and disgusted - ONCE AGAIN_ because I so wanted one of them to

A) answer the questions..B) indicate something about their real plans...C) throw out their repeated phrases and be REAL!!! We are being asked to entrust our lives in their hands, and they mud sling, state anything- who cares if it is accurate, one is arrogant, one wants us to be his friend, was made clear to me that the debate really did nothing to impress me either way. I think those locked in on Barack- well they feel he did well, and those for John- well they think he did well.

Don't these guys see that the debate is a time to make a dramatic impression on the undecideds- to bring hope, some substance to the cloudiness in our minds of who stands for what.

"My friends" - as one of the guys said no less then 22 times last night- this is kinda scary. If I vote for neither then I have wasted a vote, if I vote for either, then I am saying the person is who I want to lead our country.

We have one more debate to go, I really hope one of these guys will come out of their canned speeches and phrases and show us something. Maybe it is me, I am a kinda simple minded person, but I do not get how these 2 are the best the country has to offer.

Until later, I will be banging my head on the proverbial wall, Love Mrs justa

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