Monday, October 6, 2008

Mrs Justa and Brandon

Oh I was a little sleepy this morning, but Grandma and Grandpa got to spend time with lil Brandon last evening. The lil guy had slept a little during the day, so when we got to his house we were advised that anyone who held him would need to try to let him sleep.

Not a problem for Grandma! I held the lil guy on my shoulder and he slept till about 10:00. He cuddled and slept, I was following instructions. I wanted to pass him the grandpa, but I did not want to wake him, he needed his sleep.

It is funny, as I look back in life how quickly life goes by, it is hard to believe he is already 7 weeks old ( almost!)

What a precious little bundle of wonder.


I wonder what he will be like in a week, in a month , in a year. It is so hard to imagine him anything but this innocent tiny baby. He is in a very special home, loved by his mom and dad incredibly deeply.

He has so much a head of him, a whole life, and here I am thinking about living on this planet for almost 55 years now, what did people think of me when I was 7 weeks old? I can not remember my mom telling me about how it was in those first few months, and now there is no one to tell me.

My mom, my dad have all passed on. My grandmother died when I was 4 and there are no other relatives around that would remember my first 2 months of life. I do have a sister that is 10 yrs older then me, but I am not sure if she would remember then.

So my advice to new parents is write things down, take lots of photos, and leave a journal of the life of your children so that when they are 55, and if you are no longer around, they have an image of life back when they were babies.

Peace, sleep tight lil Brandon, love to all....


Stephany said...

He is adorable, I hope you are all doing fine. Tell Mark "Hello" from me.


Mark Krusen said...

Stephany, I will give Mark the Hello form you :) Thanks. Brandon is so cuddly right now, his medications are starting to kick in a little, so there is a little more sleep in the homefront.
Every day I think about the next time I will get to see him. Life is so demanding, that I find I am rushing from home to work and then work to home. Make dinner by 6:30 - 7:30, do the dishes with Mark, and start to work on different things around the house, and poof it is 11:00 and time to catch a little shut eye. So weekends are times Mark and I pop over to see our grandson. :) Take care, until later, Cindy