Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mrs Justa, and PLEASE VOTE

Please vote next Tuesday. And do not vote because of what any of the polls say. They are reflective of what ever part of the population they claim to represent. image

Vote with pride, vote with an educated vote. Go on line and check out each of the candidates. Not their political ads, but who they are, what have they done in their past, what do they believe in, 

please do not get swayed by the media. Get swayed by your heart and mind. Make sure they agree , your knowings and your feelings need to be sure that when you go to that polling booth, you are voting from knowledge, not just because you think so and so will win.

Your vote does count, do not let anyone make you think any different.

I heard someone say to vote for a certain candidate is like throwing away your vote!! That is total nonsense. It is each of our votes,tallied together , that reflect the was we feel about each candidate.

The presidential election is only part of this next Tuesday election day, we are voting for other folks too.

So research, go to non bias sites and learn as much as you can, and PROUDLY go on Tuesday and show this country you want to be heard. And for those who believe in God, say prayers for election day and that people will be guided to make the best decision for the USA. Love, Cindy


preciousrock said...

Yes ma'am, I will be there to vote early in the a.m. with bells on voting my conscience and not the polls. Why are you so politically correct, lol? Mark would have just said, "Don't vote for the Dumocrats!" I really miss him.

P.S. Thanks for the encouraging words on my blog lately.

P.S.S. Check out them gas prices, lol. Mark must be in all his glory with the dive in fuel costs.

Mark Krusen said...

Precious, I gotta laugh, you have Mark pegged to a tee. For his day to start out on the fired up emotion he watches MSNBC- which is very democratic---dumocratic. He starts calling the people all sorts of names that I will not post- it looses its effect on paper- the emotion adds to the descriptions.
I have an incredible faith , and with that I am a hopeless optimist.
But I am afraid people are going to feel "what's the use in voting" and we can not have that. So you go and ring those bells you will have on, and I will also , as we vote from our souls. Thanks for writing, CIndy