Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mrs Justa and thanks to the truckers

Tonight I take a moment to thank all the folks who devote their lives to truck driving. image It is a very hard job to do. It takes commitment, loyalty and devotion. It takes trust, faith and pride.

Mark drove truck until he was hurt almost 1 3/4 years ago. It was what he did for about 23 years or so. It was something he did very well. I had gone with him years back, when there was a rider program, and I have seen him parallel park a 52 foot trailer at a parking area! In one try. I have seen him back into farms in tight places to dump a load of brewers yeast for the cows.

He has driven over 2,000,000,000 miles , with a safe driving record. Sick and well, the guys and gals

are out there driving to get goods to everyone in this country. We need to thank them when we see them. They are out pounding the highway no matter what the weather. Sometimes choosing between sleep or a shower. Sometimes taking naps instead of full 8 hour rests.

And they miss their families but to earn money they have to drive. So they may only be home 1 or 2 days a week. There was one company Mark drove for and he would be out 2 weeks at a time. Getting to a state far away and then having to wait 2 days until another load was located, so he could head in another direction. It is a noble profession, and a tiring profession, and it needs to be more respected. So the next time you see a truck driver, wave to him, thank him, because if it was not for the truck drivers, your stores would be empty, fuel tanks empty, Truck Drivers make the world go round, they are the back bone of the nation. Thanks to all, Love Mrs Justa.

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CRAIG and DIANE said...

Thanks for the shout out! Unless you are involved in the trucking industry, you truly have no idea just how much it makes this Country run. For those who have a stereotypical idea of what truck drivers are, know that they are the people who provide you with everything you buy. As the saying goes....If you bought it, a truck brought it.

Mark Krusen said...

Oh you are so welcome. I meant everything I said and more!The path you both have chosen is commendable, and it is hard work. I was a co-driver- who did not drive for 10 days once. Wherever we went the bathrooms were cleaner when we left, I had a tote bag with clorox wipes, Lysol and some finishing touches. We saw pretty country, and tiring lines in the pavement. I stayed awake, when Mark was awake, and that sometimes was tough.
I love reading your adventures, and the passion you both have comes out loud and clear with every photo and every word. Bless you both, Mrs Justa---Alias Cindy