Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mrs Justa and THANKS going to you

image "People, who need people are the luckiest people in the world. "

I am on this thankful path, and I was thinking about people as my dog was jumping at the edge of the bed letting me know he needed me to let him out. My mind begins to elaborate on ideas and before I know it, I sometimes can't get back to what made my mind start reeling.

But this I remember. The dog was bouncing up and down, getting a lick on my face every so often on his rebound. He was hyperventilating as he enthusiastically was telling me he was in a situation where my services were needed.

People, think about where we would be without people doing things for others. In life, we all do something for someone. Even if we live alone, if we are employed, we are doing something for others. And if there were not people willing to do everything that requires a person to do it, well we would be screwed.

There are many someones willing to leave their homes and go into work in essence to service others, to help others, to fulfill a need of others. This can be a nurse, a police officer, an engineer, an auto mechanic, a garbage man, the person at the ticket booth for the parking lots or garages, the street cleaners, the cashiers at the stores, those who deliver the goods, those who design them, those who manufacture them , those who write the articles in papers, magazines, those who write books, those who manage, those who clean up after us, those who stand on their feet for hours serving food to others, those who chose to spread the word of their religion, those who design, those who create, those who parent, those who keep our highways smooth, those who plow the snow, run the electric, oh the list goes on and on . We are all over, doing everything to make IT happen. Whatever "IT" is.

Everywhere I go, there are people that make whatever I am experiencing happen. So I want to THANK YOU , each of you, for whatever it is you do? Thanks for going to work, thanks for raising the children, thanks for picking up that piece of paper from the ground. THANKS FOR YOU!!!

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