Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mrs Justa and the wind


The wind,it plays heavy on my mind. The wind can be peaceful, as it is whispering through the pines, The song of the wind chimes tinkling gently as the breeze sets them to life.( this photo is of wind chimes that the kids brought us back from their honeymoon) ((Thanks Jeff and Amanda:))

But as winter is getting closer to reality, the wind is less peaceful to me and more threatening. The wind chimes are in the shed, hanging next to one another on a bungee cord between two nails on the rafters. Patiently dangling, waiting for spring.

Between now and Spring we are facing bone chilling winds, the kind that make ones face hurt, the hairs in the nose freeze, eyes have to squint and lips chap. The winds take the whisper and become a howl. Whipping snow around in drifts that look like sand dunes.

The wind helps to coat ice on the highways, and frost on the windows. It causes me to grab a scarf and wrap it around my neck, creeping it up over my mouth and nose to protect it from the teeth of the wind.

Whenever the  dog is let out on his leash, he flies right back in , we have to go out with him in the biting cold, so that he will go to the bathroom.

The wind makes white outs, blowing the snow in strong lines and gusts, so one moment I can be looking at pavement and the next it is like someone put a sheet on the windshield. It is strong and tries to grab our storm door out of our hands as we scurry into the house. The wind wants to come in with us, but we fight it out.

I look forward to the spring whisper of the wind, starting in October I am already thinking Spring. As I come home at night, I literally think one day closer to Spring.

Oh our shovels are still dusty, and nestled in the rafters of the shred, and we have not yet purchased rock salt to protect us from falls, but soon it will be different, there will be rock salt in a container by the front door, and a few shovels right outside the door ready for us to pay attention to them. Our coats will be out of the closet and on the coat rack buy the door, and our gloves will be matched up and ready to encompass our hands.

As I sit here, finishing up this post, I hear the wind pushing at the window, trying to creep in through the window pane. Fortunately the windows are sealed tight, and the wind is not going to win this fight. So as I go for now, I am once again reminded that it is one day closer to spring. Love to all Mrs Justa.


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