Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mrs Justa and a peek at the special boy

Now tell me he does not look comfy! This is Brandon, our new grandson. We have not yet been formally introduced, cuz the lil guy came into the world 6 wks early. But here he is. He may get out of the intensive care area next week, but we are not sure. Jeff and Amanda are going up to see him as much as they can. He was born this past Tuesday.


So now we are Mr and Mrs Granjusta I guess. Life is so precious, babies are such a blessing, and life is so very unpredictable. I am working on some cloth books that I am trying to bring back to life right now, Jeff had washed them and they got a little misshapen, So I am off to be grandma repairing the babies books.

But I wanted to do a quick blog- to show you our new member to our family :)

Mom and dad are good, and Brandon.. he will be just fine. Love always, Mrs Justa


ladyjane64 said...

Wow, he is not only the picture of cuteness but he looks very stong and healthy too and a bit like his Dad I think. Well congrats again to all and keep us posted.

preciousrock said...

Awwwwwwwwwwe, how sweet! Hope you get to see him soon.

ladyinred1953 said...

Hey thanks both for your comments!
We have not yet met him, but we are okay with it, we want him strong before he comes home.
I am thinking maybe by next week, but we are not sure yet :)
Love, Cindy

ladyinred1953 said...

Thanks to both, He is a blessing, and soon we will meet him. The the photos will be flying around.
Love and thanks for being there !, Mrs Justa... Cindy

Stephany said...

Very sweet.

Mark Krusen said...

Thanks Stephanie, He is so tiny!
We met him Thursday evening, so cuddly and cute. :) CIndy