Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mrs Justa and the morning workout

Day one of my journey and Satan did not win! Nope I hopped on this bike, in my jammies this morning and rode for 15 minutes. It was about 5:20, so I did not have a really long time, but it did feel good. I will shoot for tomorrow and the tread mill:) It was a good feeling, tough, but good. 100_1590_edited Work is chaotic right now , to say the least, so I think the extra working out will help the stress level.

I am probably going to try to alternate every day for now. And I am thinking about trying to walk the whole road we live this weekend. That has gotta be about a 2 - mile adventure.

I am also going to update some photos of the landscaping outside, I think it looks pretty good for folks on a very tight budget.

I do love it here, it is quiet, it is spacious, it is home.

May you each find a place that brings you comfort, whether it be a house, an apartment, a room, it makes no difference, it is a place that is for relaxing, it can be a park bench, or a lounge chair, a tub, just somewhere to take time for you, each of us deserve that. Love, Cindy--- Mrs justa.


ladyjane64 said...

Good job and good luck! I will try to give you a call sonn to play catch up. It's been kind of hectic with the summer winding down trying to fit everthing in plus get things done at home too. Soon school will start back up....YUCK! Ok keep plugging along and say hello to Marky Baby!!!

preciousrock said...

Hola Mr. and Mrs. Justa,
I am thankful to God that I have met you and many others through blogging. I have included your blog in my list of blogs that I would like to share two awards with-- the Share The Love Award and the Friendship Award. Please come over and receive them when you have time. You can copy the images and paste them to your side bars or posts, and feel free to pass them to your blogging buddies.

Take Care, PreciousRock

P.S. Congratulations on your 15 mins.

Mark Krusen said...

Sandy and PR- Hi to both :) Thanks for the encouragement! I never tread milled today- My grandbaby was born last night- 6 wks early, he is doing okay, in the NICU unit, but I did not sleep alot, after we got the call at 11:35 I had trouble sleeping !,
Love Mrs Justa

ladyjane64 said...

"WELCOME TO THE WORLD LITTLE BRANDON" Don't worry Grandma & Grandpa if he's anything like his father he will be just fine and home in no time. My Neice had her baby 3 months early and Emilee Faith just celebrated her 8th Birthday in June!!!
I can't wait to see him. Congrats to all Mommy, Daddy & Grandparents. We will for sure keep Brandon in our prayers. Why wouldn't Brandon want to get here early, he can't wait to be with his family!

Quinn said...

I think exercise is a great thing...I really endorse it (being a fitness fiend) I hope you have a lot of fun with it...try cycling with your favourite music :)

preciousrock said...

Congratulations to mommy and daddy and the proud grandparents!! Welcome to the world little Brandon!

Mark Krusen said...

Thanks to all:)
Brandon is going to consume my mind for a little while.. I am helping Jeff and Amanda repair some cloth story books right now.
His photo is on Saturdays blog :)
So tomorrow I will pedal again:)
Love, And thanks for the music tip:)