Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mrs Justa Believing there is a plan

There was a song

I used to sing at church called "I Believe" And some of the lyrics were:

"I believe for every drop of rain that falls a flower grows......

I believe above the storm the smallest prayer can still be heard....100_1662

Every time I hear a new born baby cry, or touch a leaf , or see the sky,

Then I know why I believe......."

Is this not the utmost truth.

Life is not something that just happens, it is a miracle. Whether it is the garden that blossoms, the vegetables that grow tall from a small packet of seed, the child that is born. This does not just happen as a freak of nature.
I believe there is a plan for each of us, for everything. I believe that we need to appreciate what we have been blessed with. I believe in God and I believe the is a reason for everything.

I believe when there is a time

that hurt knocks on our door of life and weighs heavy on our hearts, that eventually we will see what was in the plan , why did whatever happen?

I look at our grandson in this picture,

this little bundle of joy, so close yet so far away, as he lays in an intensive care unit, being cared for by health professionals when his parents are not there, and health professionals an alarm sound away when his parents are there. We will know why this all happened at some point. I can not say why right now. I have thoughts, but they are just thoughts.

Why is everything not great and rosy?

Why are the winters so harsh? Why are there divorces? Why are there injuries?

I am always looking for what good came out of something bad, something terrible. Sometimes it can be a long time before we can see it, but it is there.

So sleep tight little Brandon,

and continue to get strong. And for everyone who is going through tough times, look beyond the tough area, look for a glimmer, a tiny ray of sun, look inside yourself for the hidden strength, for without hurt the heart is hollow- and I for one can testify, by heart has gotta be far from hollow.

Peace, faith , and believing in good things are wishes I have for you. Love, Mrs Justa, filling in for the slowly healing Mr Justa :)


Stan said...

Mr Krusen:

The penguins and aliens demand you write something to let us know you are not buried in the yard making worms fat and strong.
It's not your fault the Yankee's suck, just a fact of this horrible life. I look foreward to hearing from you soon my friend, and hope your recovery is coming along quickly.

Your bloggery Pal:

Jena said...

when the branches break under the cold of the winter, it is hard to imagine the flowers of the spring. But indeed, God has created all seasons and we rely on them as he is faithful to provide. Brandon is a beautiful baby. I pray that God will continue to bless your family. Sincerely, Jena.

Mark Krusen said...

Hi Stan and Jena
Hi there,Mr Krusen and I went to meet the little guy on Thurs right after work, and then Fri I worked all day-- sorry for the delay in your comments. The baby is precious, and his parents love him so. Life is now different for them and all.
Stan I gave your best to Mr K, and I truly believe he will come back. :) Thanks Cindy