Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mrs Justa and the ocean

The ocean,

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(courtesy of picsexplained.blogspot.com)  I gotta tell you it is one of my favorite places to be. I think we are born in places that our hearts long for if we ever leave them. I was born in Bridgeport Ct in the early 50s, and I really love New England. image There is so much to see in a little bit of travel time. I did go back to New England for a few months, worked in Enfield Ct and lived in Springfield, Mass. It only took 15 minutes to get to work, but I was in a different state. I liked the fact that in 1 1/2 hrs I could be in the mountains or walking along the ocean.

I found the folks from New England an easier folk,

I do not think where I lived that people even knew what stress was, I was the mad dasher from New York, the supervisor who worked along the others, and everyone thought because I was from New York that meant NY City. Well, NY is much bigger then just NYC, I am in upstate NY, we have farms around us, smell manure when the wind blows just right, an acre of lawn to mow, and 6 miles from the nearest big store.

It is nice here,

but my heart is at the ocean and mountains. For it is at the ocean and mountains I am reminded how insignificant I am in the whole scheme of life. I realize how much power there is around us that we have no control over. For those of you by the ocean, talk a deep breath of the sea breeze for me, and for those near a mountain, go for a walk and feel the crisp air, and watch the stars at night, uninterrupted by civilization. Peace to all, Good Night, Cindy


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I love the ocean too. I have a sense of peace that I get there that I can't seem to find anywhere else. We just got back from an extended family vactation at Lake Michigan and it was close...

but there is magic at the ocean for me, that view that stretches out forever.

By the way, I have commented here before but my blog has moved to a new address so it isn't recognizing me. Sorry about that :)

Wendi Kelly

Mark Krusen said...

Hey Wendi,
Thanks for the comment. Yes, I can get lost in the ocean, as it thrashes upon the sand and rocks, the faint taste of salt in the air, ahhh, wish I was there, :) Mrs Justa ( Cindy)