Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mrs Justa on time

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I once heard someone say that time must be used as a tool and not a couch. That made me think about what I do with time.


Do I take it for granted- I think I do. Do I appreciate every second given to me for my life- I think not. Before I know it my hour glass will be on the empty side of life, and what regrets might I have? What accomplishments will I have been able to say I have done.

That is a soul searching train of thoughts that I have over this one. I know I have written before and I think it all the time that this second will never be again. But thinking it and acting on it are 2 entirely different things.

I think there is a lot I have not done,that I wish I had. I have have these moments of looking at the younger people around me and envying the time they have left. I watch there accomplishments and am glad for them but in the same token it makes me aware of all the time I couched it instead of built with it.

I have not praised God as much as I should, I have not spent quality time as often as I have wanted with my family, with my friends. I have not taken time for me and Mark to enjoy life. I never went after a singing career and wished I had, I never got to stay thin, something I long for even today, I never wrote some letters that I wished I had, never wrote the book I wanted to, never entered photo contests. I must start.

My wish for you is that time as it passes does not get abused on a couch, go for your goals, seek what you are seeking, and live life. Love Cindy


preciousrock said...

I don't own a couch but I spend way too much time in my recliner, in my bed, or on the computer. Great post Cindy! Really made me think and re-evaluate my life. PR

Mark Krusen said...

Well Thanks Precious,
Hey, I gotta tell ya, the ol' guy kinda was joking the other day- keep praying!
He and I have recliners, they too are well used! But thanks for thinking about it, I know it kicked me in the gut! Cindy