Monday, August 11, 2008

Mrs Justa and her first car

Okay , so now I will sound like my grand parents or my parents. Back in 1971, ( yes there were cars back then) I borrowed $500.00 from my older brother and his wife and bought my first car. FIRST CAR It was a 1965 checker limousine, I kid you not. This was an old airport limousine taxi that was sold to me from Magari's Sunoco station -  I painted ( with spray paint) over the "airport" and changed it to the Smiling Limousine. I had yellow on the doors and then I painted big smiley faces, one in the trunk and one on the hood.

In the inside there was a seat in the way back, a folding seat in the middle that folded forward , a middle seat that folded up and a hug bouncy bench seat in the front. It's back door swung open the length of 2 doors, and you could fold the middle seat up so that one could sit in the way back seat and stretch your legs way out. The floor space was actually big enough that I used to say I would put a water bed in it.

Oh I loved that car, on the ceiling I had posters, and I would have sticks of incense cranked in the windows. I would sometimes pick up 10 to 12 friends, and we would go to a place called the Scene East in Syracuse and dance till the lights went out. I was the designated driver- so to speak, so I would dance but stay sober.

Oh what fun we have in our days of first cars. This car had a personality, it had a sense of affection, it was filled with memories and senses of wonder. I was a good girl, had platonic relationships, that made life fun. Getting intimately involved with guys was just not the thing to do, because once it went to intimacy than it became a commitment . It was so much fun to have fun, and just enjoy each other. No strings except the ties of friendships.

It was a good time, back in the 70's. I earned $1.35 per hr as a waitress, and paid my brother back $25.00 a week.

But ya know what, I loved that car, loved that my brother trusted me to borrow the money, and loved my life.

I hope this brings out some happy memories to you too. Love, Mrs Justa


preciousrock said...

Sounds like great fun and an awesome ride! What a coincidence that I made $1.35 an hour at the Dairy Queen in the early 70's. I thought I was rolling in the dough, lol. Of course, I didn't have a car to pay for.......just lip gloss and clothes.

Mark Krusen said...

Hey, after that job I went up in the world, $1.65 an hr at a photo lab- and after 3 yrs I got a PENNY raise! My supervisor said it was because I smiled too much!
Oh life back then...Cindy