Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mrs justa thinking

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image "The greatest mistake you will make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one." (Elbert Hibbard) This photo is an example of a mistake that worked. (courtesy of www.homeschoolfcgs.com)    How about post-its, or electricity, or brain teasers. I think that some of the things we use every day came from people not afraid to make a mistake.

Now me, well , I think I am one who spends more times fearing to take the risk. I buy something, I have to read the manual, I mean anything I buy. I have read the manual for my iron, the toaster, the nightlights. I kid you not. I want to follow the directions and get really annoyed if I am rushed and can not take the time to read it first.

If the world was depending on me- I think we would all be in caves doing the cave person stuff. No cars, phones or stores.

How about you? Are you afraid to be, afraid to take the challenge? I wish I personally knew how to get away from my fears- I probably never will though. Just for the record, it is not a fun way to be :( Love to all, take the challenge, Cindy


preciousrock said...

Dear Cindy,
I hardly ever read manuals or "The Destructions" as I call them. Sometimes I scan them briefly before plunging in and often refer to them if I get stuck, but reading the entire manual is out of the question for me. Taking risks and accepting challenges, however, is another animal. Sometimes I plunge in and go for it and other times I cower in the corner. Guess that's the bipolar in me. Live dangerously girl!! Throw away the next manual that comes into your possession, lol!

Mark Krusen said...

Oh, I would go into a tail spin if I did not read a manual- I am so anal that way. I not only read it once, sometimes I underline important info and take notes.
I know... I am one sick unit!, Cindy