Monday, August 4, 2008

Mrs Justa on richness

Hello all.image Somewhere in my past I read something about the poorest man leaves his children with the richest inheritance. Wow, that is really deep to me. We look for things to make us rich, to satisfy our "needs" but in looking back in my past, I knew more of my family when we had not much to spend, and had each other to keep company.

When I was a child, we were not wealthy. At least not with money, but we were rich with family bonds and moments together. We were taught about God, and Jesus and my mom sang German lullabies and hymns at times to us.

We had dinner together, we read books or sang hymns at night, we had a piano, and we would play music together, we had a black and white t.v. and we were allowed to watch good programs, no guns, no fighting, just real programs. We did not watch cartoons, we could watch the Donna Reed show, My Mother the Car, Lassie, The Wonderful World of Disney. Never was there a night we could not settle down and go to sleep because something on TV or in a book scared us. We had each other.

I look at life now, at everyone having the best, going for more, more sports for the kids to play, more camps to send kids of to, more video games, all night stores and restaurants, and I think about how the majority of people would relate if financial strain forced them to not spend, to not drive to games, to actually spend time together.

I find that this thought is true. Wealth does not have to be from money, it can be from an abundance of love, a fulfilled life of memories and appreciation for what we have instead of what we have not.

May you find the wealth in your own lives and treasure the gifts of people, and not hunger for the all mighty dollar.

Love to all, Mrs Justa

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Kelvin Oliver said...


Been a while since I've been reading the daily posts, but I've been gone for the summer. I hope everything is going well with Mark. It's good that you are taking on his blog while he is away. It's awesome to see that everyone is moved into the house and your family are spending time with each other. It's always a pleasure to be around the people you love the most. Enjoy your day.

Joe said...

Mrs. Justa,

You make some excellent points here. I whole heartedly agree that a simpler life is a richer life. My wife and I make family dinners together a cornerstone of our daily lives. I also believe that not having the latest video game, or toy helps foster not only a respect for the value of a dollar and the toys they do have, but a healthy imagination as well. I've seen my kids entertain themselves with the most mundane of household objects, pretending they were some accessory for a princess or an astronaut.

Mark Krusen said...

Kevin, Welcome back ! We do appreciate all the folks that take a moment of their life to read this . Mark is doing a tad bit better every day- when one gets so depressed that to blink is an effort, it takes small steps and a lot of time, but I do believe he is on the up hill side. (YIPEE!)

and Joe- Hats off to you and being sensible about life. Life is way to short and happens way too fast. I personally do not want all my life behind me and wish I had spent more time with my family and friends. For each moment we have is the only moment like it.
Thanks to both for your comments!, Mrs Justa

Quinn said...

That's such a nice thought. Hopefully I'd try and give my future family that "richness"