Monday, July 28, 2008

Mrs Justa and adversity

Mr justa was the person who always quoted W. Clement Stone to me on "Every adversity carried with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit" That, to me , is a powerful statement. When the chips are down, it is hard to see why or where the end will be. I was thinking about adversity today on my way to work. imageAs you all know Mark has had a roller coaster of the past 19 months or so. He asks me often why did all this happen , what is the good that will come from this.

I feel foolish, for I have not an answer. Only my belief that sometimes we can not see the good in a bad situation for a long time. He is like this person who is attached to this hand in the photo. (courtesy of ) He knows not what he is holding onto, or why, but he is holding on for dear life. Hoping to find the answers, hoping to get out of where he is now.

He does not see it, but he and everyone who is facing challenges, they are strong people, even though at the time they feel weak, less then they are. That is so far from the truth though. So for all of you going through tough times, wondering why this is happening to you, for those who are facing challenges and knowing an easy way through it, I challenge you to take the more difficult way, and see what is at the other side of the adversity, I believe that there is good in everything that happens, just look, wait and feel. Love to all, Mrs Justa


ladyjane64 said...

Just thank you today..........


Mark Krusen said...

you are welcome:)

preciousrock said...

Sorry I haven't been around much. I'm not doing so well myself lately. Tell Mark I am still rooting for him and praying for him. PR

Mark Krusen said...

What is the matter, Precious?
You okay? Mark is SLOWLY coming around, He has stopped the Depakote and the Ativan dose is now 1/2 mg three times a day instead of 1 mg three times a day.
This really is a major bummer having him struggle so, and now you are not okay too.
I will have to send words of cheer to you!
Thanks, Cindy

preciousrock said...

No worries Cindy, I'm functioning, putting one foot in front of the other. This is just an unhappy part of the normal ebb and flow of my life -- some ups, some downs, some in betweens. I struggle sometimes. I am resigned that my moods will never be completely stable or even. I'm not going through anything to the extent that my buddy Mark is!!

Mark Krusen said...

okay, well you take care of yourself- do not let the downs overwhelm you ?