Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Justa nother normal day in paradise!!

image This is a picture of some guy delivering gas to a gas station. It's not me. But it's exactly what I used to do when I got hurt two years ago. Hauling those hoses around to hook and unhook them is a lot of work. It was a good workout and I had lost about 50lbs when I worked there. One hose is for venting and the other one unloads the gas. Picture having four hoses hooked up that's what we used on a lot of the stops we did. I really wish I could still do this as I was getting in pretty good shape after only four months and the money was great. But..........

I've called a Workman's Compensation counselor that my social worker suggested, he suggested I contact Vesid.  He said he would mail me an application packet. I'm waiting for that to get here. Hopefully they can give me an aptitude test and direct me into a field of study that would fit me. I'm a cranky ole obstinate bastard but I don't think that transfers into today's job market.{Well maybe it does. I could do a early evening show on MSNBC}

Momma. Aka Cindy is quite the trouble maker. Check out her blog post from today here. It's kind of ridiculous but whatever... This publisher had nothing better to do than to pick on Cindy. Cindy responded much kinder than I would have. I would have words like "ass and "hole" in my response.

As you can see I just ain't got much going on in my life right now do I? Ok I did take Momma's car to Ziebart today to get an estimate on some scratch repairs and undercoating. While switching cars where she works we went to lunch. I made out pretty good. Cindy bought and I got to keep the change. Sweeet. I've got some pretty bad oxidizing going on with the paint job on my car so I may see if they can rub that out too. My car is a 1997 Dodge Intrepid with about 130,000 miles on it so I don't want to spend any money on a paint job but if Ziebart can get the oxidation out that would be good.

No news on what sex Josh and Adrianne's baby is yet. That info should come in a couple of weeks. I'll post it when I find out. Cindy had a cousin out in Michigan just give birth to twins. Just what Michigan needs a couple more people that will be looking for work. Steve {of Steve and Donna fame} is doing great after his colon surgery. Much better than they expected of him.

Tomorrow I hope to mow the lawn after dropping Cindy's car off at Ziebart. It really grows fast this time of year. I'm going to close with a whine. The Yankees are stinking up the joint. They lost again tonight.




Stephany said...

I left a comment on Cindy's blog too, and yes bad girls rock! in 120 million blogs we stand out eh Cindy?


Oh, Mark that riding lawn mower looks far too easy to be able to whine. lol

Stan said...

Dear Mr. Krusen:

We have decided to send our aptitude tester out to your home.

Knock Knock!!

Krusen: [answering the door] : Hello

Tester: I'm here to test your aptitude

Krusen: The septic tank is in the back

Tester: No, the Workman's Compensation counselor and your social worker sent me over to help you get tested to find you an appropriate training direction.

Krusen: my couch is over there, I don't need directions.

Tester: Yes, sit on the couch and I'll hold up some cards to start the testing OK?

Krusen: Gin

Tester: Holds up a card with picture of donkey on it. Can you tell me what this is?

Krusen: A dog

Tester: Holds up card with picture of a dog on it. Can you tell me what this is?

Krusen: a cow

Tester: How many fingers am I holding up? tester shows three fingers

Krusen: that's not nice, you shouldn't swear at me four times like that.

Tester: what does it mean when I say "those that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"?

Krusen: if you got stones in the house, they hurt like heck and you should see a doctor or drink beery juice so they pass.

Tester: thank you Mr. Krusen. I believe that is enough for today.

Krusen: so did I pass? what's should I go to schooling for?

Tester: the results are only preliminary, but you seem to have all the skills necessary to become a prominent psychiatrist in the near future.

Krusen: YAHOO {jumping up and down}

Tester leaves the house, and echoing in the back ground we hear the faint yelling of Mr. Krusen screaming "Dr. Biederblunderbutt move over! there is a new second to God in town, and it's the thunderous meat sauce man Dr. Krusen"

Good Luck Dr. Krusen {LMAO}

Mark Krusen said...

You rabble rousing women stirring up big brother. I'm jealous of Cindy. She had an Oublisher read her blog.

Mark Krusen said...

This was a well thought out and acted out comment. One of your better ones I must say.

I think you too will be charged with Plagiarism. This is the same test you were given when you were inducted into the "pretty in pink" wing of the Dumocratic party.

Have you been cleared by the Penguins to give away the secrets of your "secret" salute.

And for your information I couldn't have said YAHOO!! I use Google only. So there.

(Chuckling profusely)

Ana said...

I did a comment here earlier but Blogger was not working.
I loved your new tricycle!
By September I'm sure you'll be riding a bike.