Friday, May 15, 2009

Enjoy your weekend. I'm going to.













This photo was taken after one of Stephany's walks. Koda sent it to Indy via  email attachment. That walking really looks like it is helping your legs Stephany.














Hey Comrade Oblah-blah, how are you liking the "change". It isn't so easy when you have the media finally question something you do is it?  Just wait until they get the taste of the Kool Aid out of their mouths. They will find out what the rest of us already knew. You just ain't got a clue. Heck even Momma on her blog is beating up the Messiah. She doesn't get to political as a rule so you must really be making her mad.

My Yankees are on a roll. They just won their 5th game in a row. They won it tonight with a hit in the bottom of the 9th with bases loaded. {Sweet}

Momma's going to till her garden Sunday. We have some friends of her's coming over for a little cook out and Her and Barb are going to till the garden. It's only going to be about a 12 by 12. That will be nice getting fresh tomato's just by going outside. She's also going to have Zucchini, summer squash, pumpkin, sunflower and some snap peas. Heck if we can get a couple of pigs and some moo cows we'll be all set.

Ah I forgot. Besides our Saturday morning breakfast with Shawn and Pat we're going to Cindy's brother Tom's house for a cook out to help send Tom's daughter Gretchen on her way into the Navy. I think she leaves Monday. She's going to be in for a culture shock. It will be good for her though.


Stephany said...

Remind me to take that camera away from the dog!! LOL you made me laugh

Mark Krusen said...

"The dog" made me do it.

susan said...

r u sure it wasn't the cat?

we are sneaky critters and maybe Imus and Sammy are upset they are being forgotten by their humans....

Holly the cat-

friend of Imus and Sammy and Floriano.

Mark Krusen said...

Come to think of it. It might have been the I-man.

Ana said...

It's cold here today.
seeing this photo is funny because it seems that only skinnies are aloud in some places.
Plenty of bones everywhere.
I use to be one of them... haha

preciousrock said...

Stephany -- Wow, not only the legs, but the tone in the butt muscles too. I am looking forward to the day when I look like that!

Mark -- Love the Snake Oil Poster. Glad you are showing your usual love for Nobama.

Mark Krusen said...

We all used to be skinny. That's one of the drawbacks of getting older.


I didn't notice her butt muscles before really. But yea they are nice.

Is Oblah-blah your hero?

Stephany said...

Oh btw Sammy (the cat)just turned 10 years old! and what's this talk about butt muscles? you mean they exist? (muscular butts?) LOL

Mark Krusen said...

Happy B-day Sammy.

susan said...

Happy Birthday Sammy,

May your special day be filled with mice, squirrels, birdies, fish, and saucers of milk.

And fluffy pillows to sleep on.

-Holly the cat and her human Susan