Sunday, April 5, 2009

We're going to Stimulate the Economy today

It's Sunday morning. I'm feeling much better, thanks for asking. Momma is in the other room practicing for the song she's singing in church this morning. She's singing as part of trio. There has to be angels because to hear Cindy sing must be what an Angel sounds like.

We we're party animals yesterday. We went to a friends 21st birthday party. Happy birthday Tony! It's an Italian family so there was Ziti and lots of other food. The Ziti was delicious with meat balls and sausage on the side mmmmm... I'm sure with the amount that I ate that that's where it's going to end up is "on my side". I had more than my share. I had one bottle of wine cooler. It tasted like Kool aid I could see how you could get over served. It has been months since I had anything at all but one didn't effect me really.  Sandy's mother was there. She has 18 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren she sure is spunky. Tomorrow she's going to be jumping in a van and riding out to Missouri, she's an amazing lady with a great attitude.

We get to be Grandma and Grandpa again today. Jeff and Amanda are going to go out to lunch together. It's really neat to be Grandparents. Speaking of that. I talked to my daughter Adrianne yesterday. She's doing pretty good with her pregnancy. She told me she is still getting sick every day though. She has a good attitude about it though. I would be doing some major whining. She's about 15 weeks along. In another couple of weeks they can find out if it's a boy or a girl.


We are leaving in a while to go buy a new washer and dryer. The dryer still works but the washer won't spin all the way to rinse off the clothes. We've had them for 19 years I guess maybe they don't owe us anything. We'll probably just go to Home Depot and get it. We have the money in savings to get it but they have a 12 month no payment no interest plan there why take the money out of savings. No telling what else will come up.  Hey we're going to try to do our part to stimulate the economy. The picture is a combo they have on sale. I think we'll just settle for the simple plain ole white top load ones like the ones we have now.

Edit: Cindy just got back from church she said it went very well. We're going to grab some lunch and go spend some money. I hope you all have a great Sunday. Keep in touch.

PS. I've lost  6 lbs since I've started keeping track of what I'm eating a little better. It's not because I'm exercising because I haven't been to the gym in a while.


preciousrock said...

Mr. Justakrusen for a bruisin',

You party animal. I cannot believe that you do not even go to church when your wife is singing to support her. Bad boy!!!

Glad you are feeling better and that your daughter is hanging in there with her pregnancy. Get your torpid arse back to the gym on Monday now that you are feeling better. That's an order!

preciousrock said...

P.S. I finally put up a photo of a snake for you. It's dead though or I would not have had the courage to photograph it, lol. Don't mind the blood and guts spewing out of it's side.

ladyjane64 said...

I'm sooo glad you guys came yesterday,it was so nice seeing you and Jeff and Amanda. Oh and I LOVED being able to hold Brandon finally. I hope you had a good time. Guess what was for dinner today? No guess? Maybe lunch tomorrow too. My Mom is something else huh? She's gotta be on her toes to keep up with this family for sure. We try to keep her laughing and believe me she does the same for us.Family is what it's all about and of course GREAT friends like you and the Mrs. Luv ya, Sandy

Mark Krusen said...

It did used to bother me quite a bit not going to church to support Cindy when she sang. Especially since she sings so good. But I can't just sit in there and pretend. It just isn't in me. I really did try going just for Cindy but that doesn't work when you do if just for someone else does it?

Mark Krusen said...

We had a good time too. Did Norm tell you we saw him at the Depot today? I hope your healing picks up speed from here on in.

Let me guess what dinner was today. Doe's it began with a Z and end in an I?

Stephany said...

Congrats on the weight loss! way to go! I think going to hear Cindy sing and leaving afterward would be OK (maybe not). I think it's between you two how you feel about supporting each other that way, as long as no one is keeping feelings to themselves and pretending, it all works.

I have a plain old white washer/dryer too, why spend a lot on that stuff.

Hey it was 70 here today! :)!! wah-hoo!