Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Ny Yankees!

image I took this picture off of the traffic website. I'm just wondering how they got my picture. That's about how my belly is looking right now. TMI huh? What did you expect a necked picture of George Clooney or somthin? Seriously, I have jeans like that that fit about the same as this guys. Lol! I don't have a shirt like that so it must not be me after all.

I'm going to try to remember to go to my Chiro today, wish me luck. It what bugs me so much about missing the appointment{besides the fact that it looked like 4/16} is the fact that he and I were talking about people missing their appointments  without calling in about 3 visits ago.

My Ny Yankees didn't get off to a quick start this week. The pitcher they paid 161 million $$ for stunk up the joint in his first game. I guess we're not going to go 162-0 now.This is my favorite time of the year for sports. The NCAA basketball is just ending, Baseball is just starting, and the big Golf tournaments are coming around. I'm reduced to just watching them instead of playing them. It gives me something to look forward to anyway. I'll take anything that will get me out of the funk I've been in. It doesn't help much that winter is hanging on with a vengeance. There is snow on the ground and flurries in the air right now. I think it's in the 30's right now. That's 15 degrees below normal for this time of year.

I think I'll take one of my new prescriptions from yesterdays post and watch some tv. Hell, I should be able to find some talking head on telling me how great I've got it now that Nobama is back in our country.


ladyjane64 said...

I think I have a pair of pants and a shirt just like that in my closet. I think we all do. Look, don't worry about missing that apt. it has happened to all of us at one time or another. Just keep that new script on ya, Sandy

Mark Krusen said...

I'm going to have to take one in the morning and one at night.

preciousrock said...

Um, I'm pretty sure that both of you are mistaken. That belly button clearly looks like mine, and I did just have to buy fat pants recently.

I don't think there are enough prescription or over-the-counter drugs in the world to make you believe that you've got it good with Nobama or to make you oblivious to Nobama.

Ana said...

Just came to say Hi Mark!
Little sad lately.
I think you just have the same shirt but this belly is a woman's Mark!
Hope you have a nice thursday.

Mark Krusen said...

That can't be your belly button because it's mine.

Are you saying my belly looks like a womans?

Stephany said...

who can see their belly button?

Stephany said...

Happy Easter!