Saturday, April 11, 2009

Justa nother Saturday

It's 4:00 am Saturday morning as I start typing this. All is well with the World. The Yankees are 2-2 now. After dropping their first two games to start the season, they have won the last two. My fear of them going 0-162 is over now. Actually I'm surprised I'm so interested in the games this early in the year. I usually don't start paying attention until after the all star game. It does at least give me something to look forward to doing everyday,keeping track of how they're doing as compared to others in the league.

I took Momma's car to the dealer yesterday for an oil change and some of that 30,000 mile fluid changes and stuff that you just "have" to do. $317.71 and 4 1/2 hours later I limped out of the dealer. I say limped because the dealer is at a huge auto mall that was a converted from a regular ole shopping mall. It's a pretty big place and I must have walked around it 3 times just trying to kill time. It did a number on my lower back and leg. I'm not whining though. It did feel good to get out of the house for a while.

I went to Len's last night (my social worker) discussed some things related to identifying myself as something beyond a Truck driver. It's something I'm struggling with after 27 years of doing something. I know I'll eventually come out the other side and find something else to grab onto. It's just taking more time than I would like. My physical limitations are VERY frustrating and I'm not dealing well with that at all.

Ok. It's 5:45 pm as I finish this post. We went to our regular breakfast with Shawn & Pat. Came home for a while and called the dealer where the car was fixed at yesterday. A warning light for low tire pressure wouldn't go out so we had to stop in and have them check it out. 60 something miles round trip later and 11/2 hrs more hanging out. After that we went to the laundry and washed the clothes as I mentioned earlier the washer had broken. Then on to the grocery store and home. Do we lead an exciting life or what?

We're going to run over to Jeff & Amanda's and drop off Brandon's Easter basket in a little while. Then stop off and top off our exciting day with a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee.


Ana said...

You're not your profession. You are trying to find something else to do.
I hope you can find a treatment to your physical limitations.
Happy Easter!

Stephany said...

sometimes those little tasks and errands mean more than people think. it's when we can't do them that we miss them. I hope you had a donut with that coffee!

Mark Krusen said...

I know I shouldn't be defined by what I did for a profession. The problem is that I am in my mind anyway. That's what I have to work on to overcome.

Oh yeah. A donut was had. lol!

Stephany said...

what kind? i'll trade you my snickers sundae i ate today lol

Mark Krusen said...

My donut was Strawberry cream on top. Then on Sunday Cindy made a homemade Pecan pie that was the very best I've ever eaten in my life. I've eaten a lot around different truck stops the years but this was the best. mmmmmmm.

Stephany said...


preciousrock said...

I love Dunkin' Donuts coffee! I need to start skipping the donuts though because I'm fatty fatty 2x4! When you are done fighting the tire inflation light on your car can you come figure out why the check engine light keeps coming on in my van. I have had that thing back and forth to the mechanic I don't know how many times and just can't get it right.

Stephany said...

my check engine light has been on for 5 years, and the car drives on karma is all i can say!