Monday, March 23, 2009

A work out video

I went to the Gym for my second day in a row. Hurah! For those of you that can't get out I found this video that you could work out to. I'm going to use it on days I don't or can't go to the gym.


The Addict said...

Looks like a good video for carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. I guess if I can't afford to see the doctor the Republicans will make sure I get physical therapy at least, right . . . no wait . . . I have to be brain dead before they care . . . no. . . they want to control whether I have a child or not but if I cannot afford to feed, house, or clothe it, they don't want to know anything about that part of it . . . no it's because I am an American we don't help our own people, just 3rd world nations and dictatorships that want us wiped off the face of the earth.


Mark Krusen said...

Wake up on the wrong side of the recliner did we? Why do you need to attack just one party? My position is that they are all crooks. Let's not leave anyone out now.

Stephany said...

yay for the gym workout!

The Addict said...

You just don't like Nancy Pelosi, right? I think their all crooks as well and have stole from us right under our noses and we have done nothing. They are going to continue to steal from peter to pay paul. But there are some important issues that need to be addressed but you're right, they don't' need to be addressed here where tempers can flare. There are plenty political blogs I can unload that on. I'll throw that recliner away, how about that? No hard feelings??????


ladyjane64 said...

Go Marky, Go Marky.... How do I order? LOL

Mark Krusen said...

Addict, No hard feeling at all. I encourage anyone to express them selves in any way they would like to.

Hell, Stan used to come on here and ramble on about nothing all the time.

I just like humor of all kinds. Some of those things George Bush got lampooned for we're pretty funny.

My political leanings tend to be more Independent than anything right now. I think we should start over from scratch in 2010.

Mark Krusen said...


How are you feeling? Is your family rallying around you and babying you? Not!! Don't be starting on the video for a few days anyway.

preciousrock said...

You didn't tell us what you did at the gym? Did you watch or work out to this video? or do they have Harry Reid videos at your gym? LOL

Mark Krusen said...


I walk on the treadmill and ride the stationary bicycle for a total of 15 minutes is all so far. My Harry Reid tape I'm saving until I'm up to 1/2 hr. Ha Ha!

Stephany said...

Hey if you are able to walk and not eat Advil all night for your knees after that gym workout i am completely jealous!

PS--woof woof arf!! Koda says take your dog buddy out on that road today and write about it with a photo for proof! Koda says Stephany didn't take him on walks at first in the Fall....and now Koda makes sure she doesn't miss a walk, rain, hail sleet snow or sun! Koda says to tell you Stephany believes Koda actually looks happy and perkier, his whole dog attitude in life is more happy and upbeat and he has made lots of regular walker-dog friends!

Mark--pass the advil!! 3am leg pain that darn Koda and his walks! LOL

Herrad said...

Hi Mark,

Thats one hell of an exercise video, bet it becomes populair very quickly.