Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some updates

Well I haven't gotten to the gym yet. That damn tomorrow sure is taking a long time to get here. I have lost 3 lbs though. See I told you I lose weight quick. If any of you are looking for an excuse to not walk or workout or something,just email me. I have a list all saved up in my head. I really do want to get into a routine of going to the gym and it will happen soon, I'm only half way through the list of excuses why I haven't yet. Hey some of them are good ones.

Cindy and I went to the hospital here in Syracuse to see a friend that was in for some minor female surgery.{Don't ask don't tell policy in force on this one}. The walk from the garage to the floor she was on and back to the garage was a pretty long one so I'm counting that as my walk. (Hey it's only cheating if you get caught) That little bit of walking is burning my hip pretty good,so I can just see what it's going to be like when I'm done running through my list of excuses.

My brother in law is still in the hospital in Rochester, Ny. I talked to my sister just a few minutes ago and he may go home tomorrow. They are going to introduce a little more food into him and see how that goes. My sister has been up there a week with him so I'm sure it will feel  good for them to get back home.

The Syracuse Orangemen are back on the basketball court today at 12:15.I'm going to sit down and enjoy the game. Does that count as going to church? Cindy is leaving pretty soon to go to church. It sounds like she is going to be joining the choir. She really enjoys singing and it will be a good outlet for her to do that. We used to go out to Karaoke but haven't done that in a long time. No I never sang. I make Sonjai from American Idol fame a few years back sound like Perry Como. Not that I know what Perry Como sounded like.


The Addict said...

Who's Perry Como?

I'm glad your brother-in-law will be coming home. Did he have a heart attack?

The basketball is probably as close to church as you will get so be sure and hold your Bible while you watch the game.


Mark Krusen said...

Didn't Perry Como play left tackle for the Green Bay packers.

He had is whole colon taken out.

I used to got to church. Found it cheaper and just as rewarding to stay home.

preciousrock said...

I think you should Tivo the Orangemen and go to church with your lovely wife. Don't join the choir if you don't even know who Perry Como is though.

I'm only going to allow so many excuses about not going to the gym before I come up there and cart your sorry behind there in a wheelbarrow. Doesn't make sense to pay for something you don't use. What if Cindy gets all trim and in shape and leaves you for a younger, more shapely specimen?

Mark Krusen said...

I could be so lucky! Lol. I'll pay for this one. Ouch. Ouch.Ouch.

It cost to much to go to church.

Ana said...

Just dropping by to say Hello.
At any moment my connection can stop.
Nice avatar PR!
Go to the gym Mark!
Love this little heart The Addict.
Thank you Mark!
Talked to three people on a single blog.
The cable man will come next.......
........ Thursday!
Have a great week all of you!

Mark Krusen said...

Did you say Larry the Cable Guy is coming to your house on Thursday?

Ok everyone. I went to the gym. Cindy got back from church and I was out of excuses so we went to the gym together. I walked for about 8 mins and biked for another 7. I could have gone more but I didn't feel comfortable with what I was wearing. (See I told you I could make execuses) Next time I'm wearing shorts.

Stephany said...

great that you went to the gym, and that's a good workout to start, smart not to over due it.

i grew up going to church, my mom's a pastor and professor of ancient near eastern studies and religion.

i couldn't stand the politics and gossips in churches, i go very sporatically now (like once a year or so). i like going to hear live bands and music if they have them and a short to the point speech(lecture) oh yeah it's a sermon. lol

Mark Krusen said...


The politics of church is what bothers me the most I think. Every time you have an organization your going to have politics. I think it's awesome that your mother is a Pastor how does she deal with your not going to church? Or isn't it an issue between you two?

As to the workout. I'm glad I only did a little to start. This morning I woke up pretty sore. Cindy and I are going again tonight. I may extend it some as I intend to go in the Jacuzzi and Sauna too. So that should help with some of the soreness.

ladyjane64 said...

Thanks for the visit Sat., it was nice to see you guys. I came home yesterday, still pretty sore but I'm trying to follow the Docs. instuctions so I can be back to new. Luv ya, Sandy

Stephany said...

Oh, my mom gives me a 365 bible tear off calendar every Christmas and lectures me still at age 49 to find a bible study group and go to church. I always feel about 13 yrs old when that comes up. (as in it makes me not want to go and rebel instead)I admit to saying I went to church a few times for change of subject material, and the lightening rod hasn;t struck me dead yet LOL. sorry, but ugh, yep it's a problem. I do have faith though, if not i'd never have made it this far and my mom always looks out for me with scripture and coddling that's for sure.

Mark Krusen said...

I believe there is a higher power and I know its not me. Beyond that I sure would like to have some personal interaction with who ever that is. I do know it's not found in a brick and mortar building only.

Stephany said...

i left you a comment in my free spirit post with the wild horses video.