Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sorry no Whining today!


Stephany over on her blog is a one man{woman} wrecking team against big pharma. She has up close and personal experience and has done a lot of individual research on the subject. She's has a no nonsense approach to delivering the information in an in your face attack on Astra Zeneca. Cindy used to work in a Doctor's office years ago and I still have pens from back then. Cindy worked in a really big practice so every day of the week they had lunch provided. Not just once in a while, every DAY. Check out her blog it will be eye opening.

The Orangemen ran into a buzz saw on Saturday night.

Louisville's defense and depth was just too much for us. They just kept up the relentless pressure and it paid off in the important part of the 2nd half. It didn't help that we missed some key layups either. Well we had a good run and it made for a few late nights now on to the NCAA tourney. We should get a pretty good seed. I don't have any illusions about us winning the title but a final 8 or so would be nice. We shall see.

Today's supposed to be a decent day weather wise for a change. Low 50's not quite like Arizona weather but it's a start. Momma's gone off to church and the heathen that I am is playing on the computer. Cindy wants to start a garden this year so now's about the time to start planting. I think we're just going to do tomato's cucumbers,squash and such. I wanted to plant some wacky tobackie buy she said no. Not for my own consumption mind you. I thought I could market myself as a Pharma company and make some money on the side. I'm just trying to do my part to "grow" the economy.

My Sister Donna is heading up to Rochester,Ny today with her husband to get his colon taken out tomorrow. If you have an in with the man behind the curtain please put a good word in for them as it isn't going to be an easy road to go. Those of you that qualify for the 10 word discount on this post can leave now. The Rest of you that stopped by have a day.


Ana said...

No winning?
What a bore.
Gardening! Great Mark!
It will help you forget the pain.
Treating the plants in the morning is a great thing.
We will want the photos, of course.

Mark Krusen said...

Photo's you say? Of what my green thumb or the flowers?

Stephany said...

thanks for the link! and don't miss the hot and heavy scandal emails that are Exhibits in the Seroquel court case happening now!

it's unbelievable, and reads like an X rated soap opera, all to bring us Seroquel and Abilify.

I'd like to say what I really think about sex for secrets but this is a family blog! lol

Mark Krusen said...


Your welcome for the link. I wish I had half of your get up and go. Hell, my get up and go, got up and went years ago. I'll follow along as you kick a$$ and take names.

Stephany said...

here's what's interesting about Google:

Read more here.

Everything I've ever written!

It's my way of venting, thus why the walks are now killing me! lol typing used to be my only exercise/outlet, ugh.

PS--I'm surely on a dartboard somewhere in a boardroom lol

preciousrock said...

Do you have a Viagra pen? I have a story about a Viagra pen. Don't know if all of them were made to do what mine did, lol.

Mark Krusen said...

I'm afraid to ask what your did. But I have to. What's it do?