Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chubby Chubby 2 by 4



Well I made the trip to Rochester today. But before I talk about that, I have to mention my Dr appointment. It had been a month since I had been to see him. The only purpose for this appointment was for him to check my weight. I was expected to lose 6 lbs. Welllllll. Not so much. I gained 2 lbs. So that got me another appointment in 6 weeks. He didn't give me a number but I'm going to try for about 15 or 20 lbs. I told him I watched the Biggest Loser on TV last night,but he said that didn't count. Cindy and I have been talking about joining the YMCA which is only about 5 minutes from our house. So we stopped talking about it and went and signed up as soon as Cindy got home from work toady. All you ladies out walking around through hill and dale and deserts have inspired me.

So in the interest of being held accountable and because I  really don't see a reason not to mention my weight. I am kind of bumming that I let it get this high but I did so here it is. 292 lbs on my house scale. That's the one I'll be weighing myself on,so that's the one I'll use. My goal is to get down to 190 wish me luck. I'm hoping to be able to ride the stationary bike and walk on the treadmill. I won't know if I can do it until I really try. So starting tomorrow... I'm not going to do the I lost 1/4 lb today kind of post. I think I'll update that about once a week. Hold me accountable if I don't mention it.

My trip to Rochester was kind of fun. It was nice to get out of the house and out of town. One and a half hours is about the extent of my range. My hip started bothering me by time I got there. It was kind of weird to be out driving amongst the big trucks. I found my self looking at all of the company names on the doors. Like I've said before I miss it a little but not enough to go over the road again,even if I could.

So I get to Rochester. I know where the hospital is because I used to live in Rochester. I had no trouble getting a parking spot. I have a Handicap parking ticket until 2011 so I was able to park on the same level you come in on. The trip up to my brother in laws room was about 1/2 mile. I'm sure it wasn't that but it sure felt like it. It was way over on the other side of the Hospital that you come in on. They have 750 rooms so it's a pretty big place. I got up to his room and realized I had left the cards I had brought for them in the car. My sister walked back down with me to get them. Then I walked back up with her to the room. Then of course I walked back down to leave. So Precious and Stephany if you read this I got my walk in today. Oh ok, enough whimpering. I'm starting to sound like a woman.{I'll pay for that one} My brother in law was looking pretty good for someone that had his colon taken out on Monday. He didn't need a bag so things are pretty good in that department. They are hoping to be out of there by Saturday. I got a picture of My sister Donna and her husband Steve on the upper right on the side bar. They are  Pennsylvanians so cut them some slack.

Sorry about the bigger print. I had to make it this big so I could make the one with my weight as small as it is. Breaking News. We didn't have Pot Pies tonight. Nope we went out to dinner tonight just for something different on a Wednesday. Pot Pie night has been pushed back to Thursday night. Lol!!


Ana said...

I forgot your weight when I reached the end of the text. But I remember it was a number that led me think you really have to take care.
Go slowly. I have already seem many people starting so drastically that they end up gaining weight because there's a time they start eating the same way again.

Stephany said...

Keep on walking and don;t let the numbers on the scale drive you crazy. (I go once a month to the doctor's office and use theirs)Definitely don't give up once you start, why have to have all that pain again? lol i speak from my own pain stories! No pot pies?

The Addict said...

First I agree with Stephany . . . no more pot pies. One pot pie has 24 grams of fat alone and I know you eat two . . . come on, fess up? Also, don't weigh yourself everyday or you will drive yourself nutso. Weigh once a week, naked if you can (covers eyes at the thought of it), in the morning before you eat and after you have your morning bathroom constitutional like every man I've ever known. If you could weigh every two weeks that would be even better but just once a week is the best. I've got about the same amount of weight to lose (no, I don't weigh 292 but I have about 80 pounds I need to lose, maybe even 100). Heck I don't care to tell what I weigh cause it's no big deal and nothing to be ashamed of so don't let that bother you. I'm proud of you mark. You will feel a lot better and so will I.


Ana said...

Hello Mark!

Mark Krusen said...

Thanks for all the comments and positive affirmation's. I really do appreciate it.

Your right we do have two each time when we have them (pot pies). We're going to cut them back to just one. I'm not going to count calories or not eat this or that because of this or that. Not yet any way. My biggest problem is going back for seconds.usually the same size as the first serving was.

I have to get to the gym at least 4 times a week and get past the I don't want to goes and the first weeks of pain from not having moved around much at all this winter.

Stephany said...

i meant "what? no pot pies?" for dinner. But, yeah have them just add more veggies and salad with them. just shift the way you eat, like I am a carbo queen, so I monitor that. i lost a lot of weight last yr by eating more steamed veggies and not eating carbs with protein.

Anyway, good luck and just focus on feeling good based on your own personal goal.

Mark Krusen said...

That's what we did Stephany.
We only had one pot pie,split peas and a bowl of salad.

Stephany said...

you can do it!

Stephany said...

i found a blog that might inspire us, and you watch the biggest loser show right?

the blog looks loaded with advertising, and i haven't read it yet, so i don't know who writes it, but it's diversion!

Anonymous said...

Hey Uncle Mark it's the Lime green Drama Queen here...See i do read your site every once in a while. Congatulations on setting a goal to get to a lower weight. Can u tell aunt cindy that we are having a party for marty at dinosaur barbeqe tomorrow at 5:30 with 7 of us and hope you can be there its gonna be a party. We are gonna raise the roof. We are gonna party till we cant party any more.Just call me on my cell and let me no!!!
Love ya talk to you later!!!
The Lime Green Drama Queen
PS~ I hope you reach your goal!!!!!

preciousrock said...

So the big questions are: Have you actually been to this gym yet? When do you expect to make your debut? Have you purchased all sorts of fashionable clothes to encourage you to exhibit your gorgeous bod in public? And, what's this about sounding like a woman? You will pay!

I'm not happy with you for posting your weight because it made me scoot on over to the scale and get on. Blech! Disgusting! I need to lose at least 80 lbs. That's a lot!! Can you buy me a gym membership, Dad? Or maybe I can use yours if you chicken out? I'm using my scale and not the doctor's scale because his scale always weighs me at about 10 lbs heavier than mine. I choose to believe my scale. :-)

Mark Krusen said...

Thanks for stopping by. See you at the Partaaaaaaa.

Nope ain't been to the gym yet. I'll just wear some ole shorts and a tee shirt. I'm not a fashion conscious individual.

You don't need a gym membership. With all those neat views around the desert southwest to walk amongst.

Stephany said...

last summer i asked a gym to give me a month paid dues instead of year dues as they require because of being broke and bankrupty was giving me high blood pressure. so they did. 25 bucks, all the machines and they said i would have a personal trainer.

so, i go the first day, trainer has me do the eliptical machine, easy on the knees, overall body workout.

i could not walk for a solid week. i never went back. so much for that! turns out i cranked up the dial too high for workout on legs according to one of my daughters.

just focus on how you all feel, and how your clothes fit and don't get stuck on the scale numbers very often. its good to have a starting weight though, and its why i weigh at the doctor, i want it recorded when i lose!

it's been a 3 yr decrease for me, steady, slow and it's been staying off. only recently were the walks of intensity added (and that agonizing leg pain grrrr). would you believe down 67 lbs since 3 yrs ago? stress nearly killed me, so everyone, stay with the program of your choice, getting in shape the older we get hurts more. this is probably a post length comment, but hey, what's new.

Mark Krusen said...

Hey 67 lbs in 3 years is a good steady way to do it. It should stay off that way. I think the way you walk and your attitude toward life will keep the weight coming off.

Your comments can never be to long so don't worry about it. If you have something to say it's well worth hearing it.

Stephany said...

thanks Mark