Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lets Justa blame George for something else


George Bush and his wife robbed a Valero convenience store Friday night in LIverpool, Ny.

I feel much better now that I got that out of the way. You wacko's out there that have blamed Bush for everything might as well put that one on your list of things that George has done.

There is one thing you can blame George for and that is, because of his inability to frame things properly Barock ( I promise you anything and everything)Osama is now with his band of nit wits in the Congress, getting the chance to really screw things up. And don't even try the " Well Bush was the president when this all happened bull" The Dumocrats have controlled congress for two years. It takes two to tango.

Ok that is it for now with the politics. After all it is Sunday!

We went to our nieces(Gretchen) 21st birthday last night. That was fun. I drank my two cokes(minus the rum I used to add) I don't drink much any more. For one the meds I'm on don't mix with alcohol and the roads were pretty bad last night. Tom and Sherry had some awesome snacks set up. You guys definitely know how to party.

Cindy and I got to be Grandpa and Grandma today. That was fun. The kids keep thinking that they are taking advantage of us when we watch Brandon. We have them fooled we are taking advantage of them! He is starting to giggle now that is way cool. He definitely is a ladies man though. He cry's when I hold him a lot. I wonder if it could be because I'm pinching him so I don't have to hold him any longer. Oop's . That's ok Grand ma doesn't read my blog anyway.

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