Wednesday, June 18, 2008

JustaKrusen Together!!

   Here's my Theme Song. I haven't posted it in a while Listen to  it and enjoy!!!


justana said...

I can't listen Mark.
My computer is old and the sound is not working... lol
I'm on the verge of buying a new one.
I'll ask your wife to tell me what is the music.
You know we exchange e-mails about you everyday.
So I know a lot about you.{laughing}

preciousrock said...

So glad you decided to repost your theme. I'd never seen it before, lol. See, you are a singer after all, and a sexy one at that. Which one is you? Haha I didn't see any baskets in the video.

Mark Krusen said...

I'm the one with the long hair LOL. I just like to play the song once In a while it makes me feel good. I needed a pick me up. I thought it was clever.