Monday, September 15, 2008

Mrs Justa and freedom of cares

Can you say happy? Can you say in his glory? When was the last time you felt that way? When was the last time you found nothing but joy in your life? Indi was in pure, ultimate joy. 100_1762_edited He got to go "bye bye in the car" and got to go for a walk in the park, with the breeze coming off the lake, he brings a 3-D image of what "frolic" means. Look at that smile! You can almost feel his lightness as he pranced through the rich green grass.

Whoa, when was the last time I felt that free of any cares in the world. It is hard to say but I can not remember a time . Maybe when I learned to ride a bike and that moment my dad let go of the seat and I was free, wind blowing in my face and a step towards independence.

As a 10-13 year old, I road my bike all over the suburban track we liked in, I can remember letting go of the handle bar and balancing as I propelled down the roads. Not a care in the world, me, God and the breeze. Maybe that was when.

It is funny how the more independent I became, the more pressures came with it. Where to live, who to relate with, bills to pay, cars needed to get to the job I had to do. Balancing all the variables of life .

For indi- he will never have those stressors, he will always be like this. Smiling, romping, and being our best friend. He was so tired that night when the sun set and the day ended. He was tired from over joy.... we were tired from life.

May you have a free moment in life every once in awhile.. and smile a smile for Indi. Love Mrs Justa

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