Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mrs Justa and Friends

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There are some thoughts on Friends that Paul Williams wrote-

" Friends are like good wine, And I've had the best; I don't always show it, But no one knows better than I..."

And that is so true. Mark and I have friends that are always there. Cherished and loved. They do not judge us, they just are there. We do not judge them, we just love knowing them.

We do not see our friends nearly enough, but when we do we always have a great time. We laugh, we share our thoughts, we tease each other and we create smiles imprinted in our minds that no one can take away.


"Friends love your good side and they live with your bad; Want you and need you when no one else knows you're alive." Wow, is that not true? This morning we had breakfast with some friends that have know Mark since high school.

100_0484_edited They have to be the most genuine people I know. They are real, and even though I have not known them for as long as they have known Mark, they accept me in part of their friendship. I meant them in the late 1980s so I have known them for a while now. We always have a great time when we get together, and I never want the time to end. The nice thing is knowing that it will not be too long before we all get together again.

I have some friends that I have meant in nursing and I have one friend who I have known since 1963. It is weird because we work together now, and have on and off in the past 20 years. We went to nursing school together. I have a few more friends I meant at Crouse and one I meant in 1995 when I went into insurance review nursing. All these people are true friends to me. We do not hang out like people we know out of work, but we are close and really care about one another.

And we have some blogging friends. Their relationships are fairly new, but they too seem very sincere. They are real people, not afraid to put their feeling out for others to see. And that is so important, because peer relationships help others see that what they are experiencing is not unique.

To all the friends, thanks for being there. And be safe, take care of yourself. Love, Mrs Justa

So to our friends, we have not tons of friends, but we have true friends, thanks for being there. .


ladyjane64 said...

We love you too guys and cherish our friendship with you as well. It's funny how whenever we get together even though it's been a while it always seems like it was just yesterday. Hope all is well.

Mark Krusen said...

Hey there,
I heard you met lil Brandon. Is he not the most precious little boy?