Monday, July 21, 2008

Mrs Justa walking down the path with Justakrusen

This was titled "the lonely path".

I can see why. There is no real color, everything is kind of dull, there is however a ray of sunshine in the horizon. (courtest of image A ray of hope, a glimmer of light. That light , as it brightens may bring color to a lonely path in life.

That is how it is right now for Mark.

He is on the lonely path. He had a blogging buddy who wrote that he felt like a "non person" right now. Well that is pretty much how Mark feels right now.

To be alone on a path,

given medication to help to sleep, help to decrease anxiety and decrease depression, but the problem ( as I see it) is that the meds can sometimes cause one to feel lost, drugged, like  zombie. It is a vicious circle, you need the meds for where you are at right now, but as you improve, are the meds making you where you are at.

For a man who his whole life has worked and worked hard,

to exist in a day to day world of having nothing to do , having doctors tell you you can not work, and not feel safe enough or secure enough to seek out other options, every day is the same, well this is hard. He does it, sometimes harder times getting through the day then other times, but he does it. And I know, that once the accentuated depression and anxiety gets in check, and the meds start to be decreased, he will see that sunlight on that lonely path. Until then, I will be his light, I will guide him down the path, and we are blessed with friends and family who are there too, who understand. He is blessed with a social worker who really cares about him and a psychiatrist who will work with him, so we are headed down the right path, it is hard, it is slow, but we will get there, and maybe one day , maybe even one day soon, he will shine through this blog as the sun is shining in the distance. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Love, Cindy and Mr Justakrusen

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ladyjane64 said...

Our thoughts and prayers are always with you and remember Mark as you're walking down that path and you see some lights glimmering along side you, that would be your friends. Take care.

preciousrock said...

Give my Justakrusen for a bruisen a BIG HUG for me and remind him how much we miss his presence out here. He is so full of life and fun when he is well. I really miss both him and Stan. Tell JustaK that I need him to get on here and whine about gas prices or taxes or Dumocrats so I can feel like all is back to normal in my world. Take care and thanks again for keeping us updated and for loving our Mr. Krusen so much! Love, PR

Forest said...

Hey, I am really really sad reading this :(

My conversations with Mark have been great in the past and I look forward to a time when he is feeling up to writing again.

You take care... I'll be patiently waiting

Mark Krusen said...

Hello to all,
Mark did come in and read your comments, he "just hasn't got it" in him to get on an write, but he is moved and touched by all of your thoughts and well wishes.
Precious - hang on- I bet he will be back and ready to harass you again:) (Man basket and all... yes the man basket exists still!)
Lady Jane, you are a special friend from years ago thru now, we love you ! and Forest- be patient, I know he will be back to have those deep discussions.
My love to all, and thanks so much , Mrs Justa

justana said...

Hope to hear from you Mark! I miss you!

Quinn said...

Deepest regards to you and I hope you keep perservering, I know how tough things can get and that it very easy to to give up, so hang in there.

Mark Krusen said...

He is a little better, a very little, but keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Love to both, and thanks, Cindy