Friday, July 18, 2008

Mrs Justa and settling in

Ahhh. That says a lot! The house is there, the boxes and bins are mostly emptied, the truck is returned, the lawn is green and the rocks have been somewhat raked and grass seed planted around the house.

This is home, or so folks say it is. 010 Our stuff is in it, but it is not the magic feeling of home yet. Mark is here, the dog and cat are here, Jeff and his wife Amanda have been out a few times, and Jeff, Justin, Amanda, Sarge and Jake helped to make it happen. It is weird though, it feels like we are intruding in someone else's world.

I thought it would be like in the movies- poof, ownership and lust for the new place all at once. Do not get me wrong, I think we both like it , and I think once I have everything where it belongs, I will have grown to love it too.

We do still need to get a rider, Jeff and Justin have offered to help us out through the summer so that we can maybe find a deal on one this fall.

Mark is not out of the depression funk, but ya know, little glimmers happen where I can see the shell is starting to break and he is there waiting for a new day, a new light. The drive to work has increased a little, I think tonight was the best timed ride so far, 38 minutes instead of the 28 I used to drive. So not so bad. The car is  averaging 37.5 miles per gallon, so again not so bad.

It is quiet here, yet a lot of folks drive this road we are on. The pets seem to have adjusted, another plus and we are not short on the furniture end, another good thing. An empty house is deceiving, it looks like there will never be enough furniture, but we have plenty.

I was wondering the other day what people do when they can not afford a home. We are a spoiled society, really. We feel we are entitled to need more, have more. In church they we talking about a man and his family with 6 kids who live in Honduras, they live in a 10x10 1 room home ! Imagine that- a dirt floor and all 8 of your family living in a 10x10. We need to stop, look around and be thankful for what we have. For most of us, when we think we have nothing- think about this man and his family of 8.

I am off to appreciate all we have and to see what of what we have i can share with the rescue mission, so someone else with less can benefit. Say a prayer of thanks for all you have, love, Cindy

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ladyjane64 said...

Not to worry it will seem like home soon enough, it was the same way when we first moved away and still is some times. Now that the move is over it's time to relax, recover and get cozy.
Being thankful for what we have been blessed with was a topic at church for us a couple of weeks ago as well and I agree 100%. We have sooo much when we really think about it compared to some. We are rich beyond measure. Even though my house needs a few band-aids right now it's still our home and worth the elbow greese.
Well Mark I hope you're feeling better and I hope that you are both enjoying your new home. Take care, we'll talk soon.

Anonymous said... know a new home is like a startys with a single is not much in the begining just a field with some grass smooshed down where i walk...but as i walk the grass gets more scrunched...the field more familiar...soon i have a path through my is all familiar and comforting....i could walk it with my eyes closed...but why would i do that...i must always enjoy the beauty as i walk my have a beautiful house...soon it will be your beaten apth and it will be home...enjoy...thanks for the vine

Mark Krusen said...

You are both right, it takes time to adjust, the house is similar but different. We are putting the finishing touches in, and it takes time when one starts in a new place. Jeff came out tonight and helped Mark with measuring and designing how the walk will go, and where we will mulch.
It is fun, challenging and sometimes tiring. Love to both, Cindy

preciousrock said...

I'm so glad to hear that Mark is out of the hospital and was able to come home to a house that was unpacked and somewhat organized. Moving is so stressful, no matter how prepared you are. Wonderful to hear that you are finally moved and settling in. I'm sure the place will feel like home very soon. Yes, we are more fortunate than we realize in America. I wish I could own a home but am grateful for my tiny one bedroom apartment with two of us in it -- I can't even imagine the stress of living with 8 people in such tiny quarters. Love, PR