Monday, July 14, 2008

Mrs and Mr Justa have come back on line

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Hi all, Well the weekend has past and we have FINALLY moved in. Oh I think all involved found their beds more comfortable then usual on Friday night. I even took the first long soak in that garden tub early Sat morning. 100_1579 It was a long, hot and humid weekend, but we survivied and are on the other side, so to speak, of the nightmare of moving.

Mark was discharged Sun evening, so he got to come home to a house all unpacked. We still have pictures to hang and a few bins left, but in general, we are all unpacked.

Jeff, Amanda, Sarge and Jake THANK YOU!!!!! The rain and mud and heat, well it was an interesting day- but Saturday was 92 degrees and felt like 99 % humidity- so we were lucky to have done the move on Friday. 100_1599

This is the new office, were I am typing right now, and where Mark will be coming back to also. He says hi, and appreciates everyone's concern.

I am going to reconcile the check book this evening and look at the money due this week for bills. It will be different here, but I think we will be okay. We now are responsible for our own septic, and now have taxes, at the park someone else had that . It will be nice once Mark feels more like himself, and feel less out of joint.

I am going to go for now, just wanted to saw hi--- we have returned from the dark ! Love, Cindy

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