Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mrs justa moving day

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002 006010 Ready, set , go. The foundation is done, the U haul is ordered, and here we almost go! I did go and see Mark tonight and he is still feeling pretty low ebb. He will get through this all, and I think the move behind us will certainly alleviate some of the stress.

We got the banks inspection done today, we just have to take all the furniture from here and bring it to there. UGGG!

Indi's bags are packed for a day at the kennel and I just went up and put the house number on the house, took a picture and had to send it to the bank inspector. SO a long time coming, but this is it!

Time Warner is coming out on Monday, so we should be back up then.  Have a very safe weekend everyone. Think of us as you have a moment and keep us in your prayers, Until then- peace, love and understanding, Cindy

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preciousrock said...

Poor Mark! I miss him soooo much. I hate to hear that he is hospitalized, but I guess he needs to be there if he is unstable with his meds. Make sure you always tell him we are thinking of and praying for him. Poor you! with this move and all the hard labor. Glad you have some strong bodies to help out. I will be so glad to hear you two at peace in one home!!