Thursday, May 8, 2008

Justa random thinking, again,and again!


I justa had an idea today. While I was pressing my stumble button on the Internet today, I came across and interesting web site. I've decided that I'm going to start doing this for a while. Every time I find an interesting site that I just come across on the web I'll share it with you here. I'm not going to do it at any special time and I'll try not to do it too much.Here's is my stumble for today. Fourteen habits that make you fat I hate to admit it but I can see myself in almost every one of them. How bout you guys. You skinny people, well you'll just have to wait for an article about you.(laughs)

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picture courtesy of Wise Bread


Ok I lied,I found another link that you should check out gas tax holiday don't fall for it . It's an article at Wise Bread that tells us not to be sucked in my the fuzzy math of the Gas tax holiday that Billary and John McCain are supporting. Check it out, it is a real good read and informative.

Indy and I went for a ride today. we Drove over to G&I homes in North Cicero to pick up some stuff we are going to need for the permit. Dan had it ready to go in an envelope at the front desk. No muss no fuss. On the way there we stopped at Bj's in Clay on Rte 31 and filled up the gas tank in my car. $3.66.9 per gal times the 14+ gals $54.00 dollars please. That sure would have bought a lot of groceries. We have to go shopping tonight and because we don't need much it will be well short of $54.00. But still... By the way the gas over in Cicero was $3.64.9 per gal. It's getting where the prices at Bj's are just about as bad as the ones at all the stations around them. The days of them charging $0.12 less per gallon seem to be gone.


Anonymous said...

Grr so I typed up a response and I have no idea if it went through so I'm trying again.

I read through your link about the 14 habits. It says that missing breakfast makes you gain weight because then you get a "tremendous bout of compensatory hunger."

But did you know that those you DO NOT eat breakfast eat 100 more calories throughout the day then those who DO eat breakfast. Isn't that crazy!

I'm eating breakfast! haha

Mark Krusen said...

Kind of late to be eating breakfast isn't it? 11:00am must be nice to sleep in. I wish I was 22 years old again. LOL

Forest Parks said...

Darn it.... I want the fat tips.

I ave been working on making myself fatter and have been having trouble finding tips on the net!

I may just have to write my own.

Mark Krusen said...

Ian, If any one can write an article on making themselves fatter I believe your the man for the job. LOL

Forest Parks said...

I couldn't help myself.....

preciousrock said...

Dear Krusen for a Bruisen,

I'm guessing you are not a Dumocrat, lol. No wonder we get along so well.

Re the 14 Habits, it's a wonder that I'm only 50 lbs overweight and not as big as a house. I am guilty of Numbers 2, 3, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, and 14. That's eight out of fourteen--holy crap. Number 6: Sometimes I'm too busy to exercise, but mostly I'm too busy being depressed and lethargic to exercise. Number 8: Lack of sleep? I spend enough time in bed, it's just that I am unable to sleep so don't know what I can do about this one except eat another donut, lol. Number 10: Who carries cash anymore? Number 12: I love Jeans Day at work except when my jeans are too tight from having gained weight, lol!

Thanks for pointing out this link. I'm going to send it to some friends and family and maybe I'll copy you and put it on my blog. Haha, sue me! LOL

Another thing, haven't you noticed that grocery prices are rising too? Hello?

I think I finally got my feedblitz subscription to your blog straightened out. I subscribed and screwed it up so I unsubscribed. Then, when I resubscribed I somehow did it twice so I got duplicates. I went in and deleted the duplicate so we'll see what happens from here. I'm also copying you by adding feedblitz to my blog! Don't you dare call me a Dumocrat, lol.

I'm trying to make a long rambling comment like Stan, how did I do?

Mark Krusen said...

A female Stan. You have a way to go Precious Rock. There is only one Stan. Male or Female. Thank God for that right?

I would mention grocery prices again but after you railed on me for checking on gas prices I don't dare post on food prices. LOL.

Thought police. I'm glad your not a Dumocrat. I'd still love ya even if you were though. We all have to have our weaknesses right?