Monday, May 5, 2008

Justa driving around the town!

Man were we busy Saturday100_1152

We did every thing we said we were going to do and then some. Cindy took pictures of her friends baby. We visited with them a while in the late morning at Crouse Hospital where she took the pictures. We went off and did the rest of the days activities and returned back up to the hospital for Cindy to run upstairs and drop the pictures off. Her friend was quite pleased with the photo's. We would show them here but don't have permission to so you'll have to take my word for it that there are some neat pictures of the new family. She is definitely going to be a "Daddy's Girl" (laughs). And there ain't nothin wrong with that is there?


Jeff & Amanda have their new baby's room 99% done.

It is done in a baby snoopy theme. The colors of everything in the room match very well. Even the blanket that Grandma Cindy made match perfectly. How neat is that. Momma got some good pictures of the room. Jeff & Amanda feel much better getting that room done. If I was a baby boy I know I would like it. They seem to be down to 3 names for the baby. When we know what the name is we will let you know. Jeff and his buddy Justin are also just putting the finishing touches on the deck that they have been putting in. Can you tell Jeff is a "projects" kind of guy. He got that from his dad, not me. I'm a more "get out of projects kind of guy" if you know what I mean? Don't take me wrong. I'm not lazy. I just believe in spreading the wealth more. Jeff likes to do it himself.(which if I could do what he can do, I would too)Myself I will hire it done if I can afford it. If not then it ain't time to do it. Does that make sense?

We went out to the dealer in the morning to talk to Dan 100_0978

and let him know about us wanting the one on their lot from before instead of a new ordered one. We really like the model is has a lot of things we really like. April one of  the managers of the G&I dealership in Cicero took us back through the model so we could do a "how would our stuff look in here" inspection of it because Dan was busy with another customer. It was funny, Dan was bringing another customer to show the house while we were sitting in there talking to April. He was kind of surprised to see us. To make a long story short he was going to make two sales that day. Ours without even trying that day(All though he has worked his but off up till now) and the girl he was showing homes to. If you are in the market to buy a modular or even a mobile home the salesman to see there is Dan Mayock. Tell him that Mark & Cindy sent you.

After seeing the baby up at the Hospital we came home

so I could take my hour or so nap that I need every afternoon and to pick up Indy the wonder dog. Than off to drive up to the lot we are buying and visualizing the home on it. We decided that it is indeed the lot we want. Sometime next week we will put in an official offer on the land and get this project kick started. Within a month or so we should be moved into our new home. Man do we have a lot of work to do to get ready.

Sunday turned out to be truly a day of rest.100_1200

Momma and I stayed home from church and we both took our respective me times during the day. I got my Sunday nap in after helping with some of the cleaning.(ok all I did was sweep the kitchen floor) it felt like work to me. As I'm finishing typing this post, it's Sunday at 1:45 pm. Momma is just finishing up lunch and we are getting ready to take Jeff & Amanda up to see the land we are buying. We will definitely know the way it will be about my 5th trip in the last week up there. We'll we went up to see the land, went to Wally world and then over to Jeff and Amanda's for dinner. Taco soup made by Amanda and a Taco salad made by momma.  Can you say delicious. Good time was had by all. Day of rest over. See ya 


Kelvin Oliver said...

You're blog appeard to have a newer look. Nice. That is good you got plenty of rest from a busy weekened. From the post, you it was worth having a busy Saturday spending time to meet the friends and see the baby and the baby's room. I enjoyed reading this post.

Mark Krusen said...

Yeah Kelvin, I used a different Template. I like this one a little better it looks cleaner.Yes Saturday was very busy. But most definitely worth it.

Kelvin Oliver said...

That is good to hear. I have been looking for a new template, but I'm not sure if I should stick with the current one or change it. However, which way I go, I hope to build more publicity, readers, and move into a better direction.

CRAIG & DIANE said...

Mark -

I agree, I like the new format, it is much easier to read.

Mark Krusen said...

It's a keeper. Thanks for the feedback everyone. The new Theme stays.

Anonymous said...

See, told ya it was a good layout :P