Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Justa Little Backround

I've driven over the road and regional most of my career. It was only the last year that I got the local driving job hauling fuel tankers. I was working nights and It was better than being on the road but my wife and I still didn't see each other much because of our schedules. I'd probably still be there though , as the money was good(About $1,0000 a week) and I was getting used to sleeping in my own bed. My injury happened on Feb 2,2007 I was connecting hoses up and slipped on a manhole cover that was covered with snow. I hyper extended my left leg tearing my meniscus in my knee. It hurt pretty good but I thought it was just a muscle pull and it would just heal. I worked the rest of that night in quite a bit of pain and let my safety director know the first chance I got (that Monday) that" I had hurt myself but I thought I'd be ok and I would let him know. As it turns out that as the week went on it got worse so I went to the Doctors. I don't want to bore you with the details, But long story short my driving career is done. If you need the details let me know.

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