Monday, June 8, 2009

Let the good times roll

100_3007_edited 100_3012 Can you believe he's only 9 months old? Look how much he's getting around already. The kids were over Sunday for Dinner and these are just a couple of the action photo's of Brandon. He crawls  around pretty good and can stand up on his own when he pulls on something. He and Indy get along very well. Here they are kissing.

I figured I better get that picture of me in my last post off the front page.It was one of my busiest post for commenting though. Lol!!

Things are going pretty good. Momma and I have been busy around here the last few weekends. Cindy and I trimmed the bushes on the property line. Cindy did the trimming and I mowed up and mulched the leftovers. We have the place looking pretty good right now if I don't say so my self. It's frustrating how limited I am. I'm able to do some work though, I just have to take breaks every 5 or 10 minutes or so. My back is really pinching a lot after 5 mins. {Insert violin music here}


We had the drive way done Thursday. This is a picture of it done just as they were finishing up and getting ready to leave with the equipment. We we're first able to park on it late Saturday night. It makes a real big difference. It really draws the property out.


In the second picture here you can see the bushes on the right. This is before we trimmed them.

Maybe a better picture of the bushes is in this third picture. Notice that pile of dirt. Momma and I had to spread that along the side of the driveway after they we're done. That was really tough work. Some major pain but we're both pretty strong willed so we "got er done".


And I'll show you the final picture of the driveway. Can you tell we like it yet? This was taken at night so we could show the driveway lights it's kind of a neat picture. It's the finished product and was well worth all the work and money we put into it.


See after all those pictures don't you wish I'd stayed out on tour with the Chippendales? Oh wait I do have to show you one more picture. I would put some of the garden up but I want to save some pictures for Cindy to use on here blog. This last picture is one I had to show you of the "Lime Green Drama Queen". Apparently she has developed a new method of catching a Softball when some one throws it to you. I recommend using a glove but...


A lot has happened lately. I'm still in a funk of sorts but I'll try to post more than I have been. Thanks for sticking with me guys. More later.


Stephany said...

The yard looks great! tell LGDQ that same thing happened to me when I was 13! My nose also got popped and swelled up.

Tell her to keep playing, umlike me, I quit and did ballet instead LOL

Ana said...

Hi Mark!
Don't stop posting. We miss you.

Mark Krusen said...


I couldn't image LGDG taking ballet. Lol! That would be like a bull in a china shop.


That was nice of you to say. I don't think I'll quit. I just needed to take a break and break my routine somewhat. I've been trying to do some new things to keep busy. I'll post more later.

Stan said...

Dear Buttman:

Be careful, looks like the dog is about ready to bite that kids nose off. LMAO

It's nice that Lime Green is learning how to catch the ball with her face {next time she should try the double black eye linebacker look}. I'm sure that will help with dating prospects when she turns 30.

This should serve her well as she prepares for the real adult world in 2024. I'm sure college scouts from across the nation are checking out this blog in their recruiting efforts. Maybe she can get a scholarship in dodge ball with skills like she has shown here.

Now get out there on your knees {same position you use while voting} and clear that garden of weeds.

Your pal,

Stan said...

It appears Mr. Krusen has broken Yakima, Washington's decency code and has been taken into custody.

Thank Goodness Harry Dweeb Reid has stepped in with legal assistance and bail money. I gather I have uncloaked your alias cover here LOL

By the way Mark, nice green suit LMAO