Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back from the tour.


This is what I've been up to instead of blogging. When I got back in town from touring with the Clydesdales{ I mean the Chippendales} I decided to change things up some. Instead of blogging I've been playing hearts on the computer. As you can see from my games played count I've been playing quite a bit. I only win about 1 out of every 3. I guess that ain't to bad considering I'm playing against the computer.

I've been checking in with your blogs from time to time but just haven't felt like posting. I went to the Pysch Dr. today with Cindy. The long and short of it is that he is supporting the idea of me going on Disability what with the Physical stuff and the Mental stuff added in. Momma and I have been working on the paper work. My back is getting worse and my left knee clicks a lot when I walk.

I'm just trying to wrap my mind around this as I'm used to working every day. Although you wouldn't know it by the last 2 plus years.

The next big thing coming up for Cindy and I will be Cindy's family reunion down at Allegany State Park in South west New York. We used to camp in a pop us camper. We gave that to Jeff and Amanda last year as Cindy and I were'nt getting much use out of it. This year we are renting a cabin at the park for Thurs thru Sat. It's about a mile from where everyone camps but maybe that's a good thing.

I'll leave it here. I'll try to post more often. No promised though. I hope all is well with everyone.


Herrad said...

Hi Mark,

Take care of yourself you will need to rest after your tour think hearts could be too exhausting.


Stan said...

Clydesdales??? would that make your that picture a couple of post back one of a Horse's SSS LMAO

I believe your doing the right thing by getting addicted to computer games. Since your playing against the computer, you can cheat and not feel much guilt; plus you can stop any time you want and grab a nice meat sauce dog without the computer getting inpatient.

Good luck with the disability stuff; I can only hope its better than the California no fault {your fault} system.

Your Pal,

Mark Krusen said...


Playing hearts is a good release for me. It replaces golf.


They're isn't no way to cheat the computer. If anything it cheats me. I think it was made by one Ho Gee Min his self.

Stephany said...

Staying in a cabin away from the others sounds like a good idea to me!

Mark Krusen said...


Do you mean a good idea for everyone else or me? Lol

Stephany said...

lol for you silly! isn't that the best way to vacation with relatives? in a cabin far far away haha

seriously! I would!