Monday, February 16, 2009

Justa change of pace

image I borrowed {ok stole} this picture from dalethetruckdriver.


This is one of the good things about not being able to drive truck anymore. This particular thing never happened to me. I did finally get in an accident after 2 million miles of safe driving. It wasn't my fault{I know they all say that} because an elderly lady pulled in front of me on Rte 81 in Scranton Pa in a driving rain storm. I pushed her and her companion down the highway about 100 ft. (They turned out to not be hurt at all) I couldn't say the same for my underwear. I didn't damage the truck I was driving hardly at all.The car was totaled. So people, don't pull out  in front of trucks. They weigh 80,000 lbs,you weigh 4500 lbs. Hello:)

I think I have been layed off of my job! I no longer need to go over to Jeff & Amanda's to let Badger out. Amanda's off work this week and then they don't think I'll need to do it anymore after that. So see I'm sort of a victim,will I get anything from the stimulus package.

Speaking of jobs. I got the report back from the Independent Medical Examiner. He agrees with my every other week Chiropractor visits. He describes my continued discomfort in my knee and hip. He feels they are temporary. My Doctor and Chiro think this will be permanent. So I am permanently partially disabled. The bottom line is. The Comp Insurance carrier sent me a notice{on the same day I got the report} that they intended to cut my benefits from $400 week down to $244 per week. It has to go to the comp board which I should get a notice soon about the day to report for that. It's hard to believe that 2 years ago I was losing weight and working right along and things were looking up. I was finally not away from home for one or two weeks at a time. I didn't like working nights but I was adjusting to that. I was taking home almost $1,000 a week and we were looking pretty good financially. We're not hurting don't get me wrong. Momma makes pretty good money and we don't have any credit card bills. All we have is  Cindy's car,the house and then stuff like food,utilities and such. Our biggest vice is going out to eat.

I would love to work. What I would really like to do is drive a truck locally. That just isn't going to happen. I can't get in and out of the truck and any physical work is out of the question. I have no stamina at all and even 5 minutes on my feet brings quite a bit of burning in my left hip radiating to my back. I find that I can sit here at the computer for an hour or two. The only problem is when I get up it takes me a while to shift things around so I can walk.

I'm not really complaining though. I hope it doesn't sound like I am. I'm justa sorta informing you what's going on in my life at the moment. I am heading into a downward trend with my thinking though. Is it depression? I don't know yet. It's just different. I don't know if as these things play out if it won't start escalating on me. I'll have to see. I'm going to try to stay in the saddle(blog) if it does this time.


Pyrs said...

Mark, We help you stay in the saddle! And I'll make sure Stan gives you a reprieve from all his mean, nasty comments. I'll make sure that Stephany, Ana, Susan and generally lots of women stop by each day. Women are really cool, aren't they? Such a great invention.
Hang in there Mark. Complaints are quite normal from time to time. And we can always rely on Stephany to set us straight when they turn in to whines.
I am glad you are able to sit at your computer each day. We'd all miss ya' big-time if you didn't. - Peter

Ana said...

The most amazing thing about all blogers we know is that there's never, never wining or complaining.
We see people relating the most terrible experiences of their lives with a kind of dignity (not exactly the word) that is astonishing.
I have read reports of crimes against some of our friends.
We don't want anybody feeling pity for us.
We are just, as you said, sharing our lives.
We are all here to support you.

Stephany said...

Whatever you do pass the cheese with that whine! LOL

I will think of you today as I take my 1000 mile walk, up and down hills, thru bogs and over tree roots and stepping in horse poop. THEN I will take a video of that poop and post it on Koda's blog!

That pain doesn't sound fun at all, so hey let us all entertain you and keep that depression at bay!

You know what they say, a day without whining is like a day without sunshine! hahahahahaha

Club Whine, Proud President of North West Chapter! LOL

Mark Krusen said...


I want the wine with that cheese. Forget the whine. I have that down pat. A little Lambrusco on ice with cheese and crackers.

So your the Pres of the North West Chapter huh? Enjoy your walk.

Stan said...

Dear Mark:

Maybe these other commenter’s are reading a different blog post: because all I can hear is this miniature violin playing "melancholy baby" over and over again. {Laughing}

OK, looking at it from a different perspective here;

As we go through life, we lose things, we obviously lose our innocence, some of us lose our hair {Not picking on Pete here}, we lose talents we did not choose to refine, we along this journey will lose those we dearly love, and also those we cherish, we will lose even hope and dreams at different junctures in this long road.

But there is a miracle within all this loss; it always opens up new path ways to travel upon and down, new doors of opportunity we might never of imagined or trusted ourselves to follow, sometimes opening our eyes to see fantastic new dreams and actual self made miracles happening all around us.

Sometimes it just takes looking through the right self made pane of glass to see what is really before us. It at this first glance have the appearance of a mosaic stained glass landscape or complex scene; but as we allow our focus to become more refined and tuned in to its truth, it does become crystal clear as the pristine mountain reflected upon the surface of a simmering smooth lake on a bright welcoming summers morn.

Loss seldom comes without pain and suffering; yet through these very emotions we learn our valued lessons of compassion, understanding, and charity for others.

This in turn creates hope and joy within us. We are renewed by the fertile and tilled ground of the memory corpses of the past and with our bodies forever scares felt on nimble touch and limits realized.

We can never defer or deflect all our feelings any more than our losses. But they become and are waiting to turn from cocoons into a metamorphosis of glorious butterflies before our very eyes, as these occurrences become precious opportunities to reawaken our life experience in this very day of gifted breath.
For as this gift is given unto us, shall we feel the power to foreword it onto to others in the spirit of thankfulness and healing.

You're Bloggery Pal,

Stephany said...

Yeah and you're the North East Chapter Prez LOL

I love wine w cheese too, but that's another story! (as in I had to stop drinking it)

What are you having for dinner?

Mark Krusen said...

Very profound comment. You scare me some time. Sometimes you seem so normal.If I didn't know better that is.

Isn't he scary? Yes I am the North East President I was just reelected for a new 5 year term

Stephany said...

Once again, he blows our mind! lol

Mark Krusen said...

I want the medicine he's on.

Stephany said...

I think it's laughter

Ana said...

Thank you for inspiring words.
I'm working on acceptance and you helped.

Ana said...

Where are you?
How do you dare visit my blog and don't say Hi?
I agree with Mark: you seem too normal lately.
I bet you're leading a boring normal life without the orgies, partying and no contact with the mother ship.

Mark Krusen said...

How do you know Stan visited your blog with out leaving a comment? Have you been having him followed again?