Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Justa adding to the family

image Remember I told you that the most favorite daughter that I have ever had, and her husband were expecting? Well here is a picture of them. This is a really neat site Magmypic.com where you can have some fun creating pretend magazines. Check it out and have some fun with it. Cindy and I have gotten a lot of mileage out of it. Haven't we Steve & Donna. Pete & Courtney, Don & Sally etc,etc.etc. They all refuse to talk to me. That will change tonight. Cindy bought the winning Mega million lotto ticket for tonight. My phone will be ringing off the hook tomorrow night. Stan don't bother calling. I'll just say "Stan who?"


Anonymous said...

I was going to correct you...since clearly the winning lotto ticket belongs to me...
but then I noted that you said mega millions, and I am in a Powerball state.

I dont know about you, but I've got my letter of resignation ready to go the moment those numbers are called. LOL!

(p.s. the word verification for this was "wings" which is awfully darn close to "winnings")

Mark Krusen said...


I'm afraid we might be talking about the same prize. Is your jackpot 103 million. That's what ours is. I'm a reasonable person. I'll split it with you, if you get the same numbers I do of course.

Ana said...

I'll visit the site.
The lotto is only for American citizens.
Dear Lord Mark!
I've just realized that they are going to create a world lotto somewhere in the future!
Can you imagine how much money they will make?

Mark Krusen said...

Stan and Ana,

I read your comments and pushed publish. They got lost in Cyper space somewhere. Sorry.

Stan said...

To bad Mark:

That's the last time I write a fifty three page comment on your blog; unfortunately that particular comment that got lost had the winning lotto numbers and the true meaning to life encoded within the words. {laughing}


Stephany said...

cute photo! btw all lotto proceeds must be sent to ME. LOL