Tuesday, September 30, 2008

mrs Justa sick of it all

Through the fog what is left.  Sheep under a tree near Dorset, England. (photo is courtesy of adobe.)I wonder when the dust is cleared, the elections are over, the financial direction goes in what ever way it goes, what is left?
Will I be able to afford to drive to work? Will my small amount in my savings account be worthless? Will we be able to keep what we own, and what we owe on?

What is the future going to bring?
I am so tired of the talking on the cable news, on the talk radio, I am tired of people thinking the troubles of the world just happened. Look around you, look at your life, look at your environment, look at your family, your friends.

We all have more then we need , really, look at how little people  need really.

Some folks want the best car, the biggest house, the largest TV, the most channels, the IPODs , cell phones for everyone in the family, video games, internet, the most clothes, 200.00 bucks a week in groceries.

I am tired of the spending, the wasting. We need to stop and just really ask ourselves... what do we really NEED.

I am off, I am tired, and going to chill. Love to all, Mrs Justa 


Ten said...

Very true.

Mark Krusen said...

yes it is sad but so true.
I am not giving up on life, but I am not going to let life take me down either.
Thanks for the comment, Have a great day :) Cindy