Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mrs Justa and nursing

Well the best of me has got the best of me! I just faxed out a resume, cover letter and application to a local hospital for being considered for a per diem position. I have to tell you, I am really excited about the possibility to get back into  a clinical setting again. I am still going to work full time in management at a local 3rd party administrator for self insured plans, and I do like that type of work.


My heart though has always been in patient care. I really love helping people and in a hospital setting, well people are at very trying times in their lives. I always tried to provide the best possible care, take time to explain what was happening and planned and to listen to the patients and their loved ones.

I went into nursing to support those without loved ones , those who were dying, I never wanted a patient I was caring for to die alone. I would stay a little late to be with them if needed.

I went into nursing to try to make the stress of a sudden illness a little easier for the patient.

So we will see, who knows if I will get the position or not. But I really hope that I do. Per diem means at this facility, that I would work every other weekend, 15 hrs minimum. It will be a good thing if I get it, I will unfortunately be away from home a little more, but I think I will feel better about myself if I get it.

Wish me luck. Love to all, Mrs Justa

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