Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Questions asked and answered

1.) How did you get so damn good looking? 

Ok it wasn’t really asked but I wanted to see right off the bat if anyone is paying attention. Ha! Ha!

2.) How much weight have you lost?

  As of this post I’ve lost 100.8 lbs. That's since Feb 14th of 2010. I’m pretty happy about that. I have had 3 months now where I haven’t lost anything though. I know, I know. It’s taken some time for my body and my mind to catch up. I’m ready for phase 2 now. I want to lose the rest of my goal. I will be down to my goal weight of 180 by this time next year. That’s 33 lbs in a year I should be able to do that right?

3.)  How did someone like you get so lucky to marry someone like Cindy?

I ask myself that every day. She truly is an amazing person. She is compassionate,loving,determined,understanding,and just downright perfect. Anyone that knows her knows that their aren't enough good adjectives that really do her justice. On her weight loss journey she is still sitting at 64lbs lost. She kicks butt in the Gym with me. We’ve been going at least 5 sometimes 6 times a week for a year now.

4.) Have you gone back to work yet you lazy so and so?

Can you believe some one would call me a so and so? It’s looking like work isn't going to be on the horizon for me in the near future or if ever I guess. I’ve been off work now since Feb 07’ That just blows my mind. It was supposed to be a simple Arthroscopic surgery on the knee a couple weeks and back to the grind. Not so much!! I’m still collecting Workmen’s comp and I’m now on Full Social Security Disability. There not even going to review my case at the SS office for 5 years. The combo of my knee injury and my Bipolar incidents in the last 4 years has pretty much put me on the shelve. Some good news is that the meds I’m on, Wellbutrin all the time and on occasion (like now) Risperdal when I get a little manic. are working very well. I’m not getting to high or to low.

5.) How the heck did you lose all that weight anyway?

Well you see, there is this little red and blue pill that you can swallow one in the morning and one in the evening, and the weight just melts off you with out worrying at all about what you eat or having to do any exercising at all. It was just that easy.

 Really Mark it was that easy?

Yeah dream on. What happened is that Feb 14,2010 Cindy and I each got a membership at Gold’s gym in Liverpool, Ny. That was our valentine gift to each other last year. I’ve mentioned how often we go previously. I’ve done most of my work on the rowing machine and recumbent bike. Those are the two machines that I’ve worked the hardest on and are the least amount of stress on my left knee. I also do some lifting just to tone up the muscles, because they say muscles burn fat and you need a little meat on your bones.

  Cindy loves the Elliptical and the recumbent bike and works some on the machines also. Along with going to the gym that much we have been watching what and how much we eat. I stayed at about 1500 calories a day and used  It’s a really good site to keep track of things. I’ve backed off on using it lately but I think to really start losing again I’m going to have to start counting calories. What I’ve been doing now works to maintain your weight but not lose it.

I’m pretty sore after working out. I sit in the Jacuzzi for about 15 min after each work out and that helps quite a bit with the pain.pool2_1084391434 Behind the Jacuzzi is the pool I’ve been doing some walking and swimming in that as part of my workout too. Although I’m limited for sure in the things I can do. I work hard on the things I can do and the things I can’t do I don’t worry about it.

6.) barfbag

Mark what is that brown bag your carrying around with you?

This bag is for use every time I think of you Liberal weenies that voted for Nobama. How’s that hope and change thingy working out for you?  I couldn’t resist this one. I mean really he’s even worse than I thought he would be. Thank you unions, your the ones that got him elected.


Stephany said...

Had to take a double look at my reader!

Good to see you here!

Mark Krusen said...

Thanks for stopping in and saying hi! I tried to answer earlier but I had something wrong with my comment thingy.

How are you enjoying your new living arrangements? I've been checking your blog some.