Friday, May 29, 2009


I've come off of Hiatus to make a great announcement . My daughter Adrianne found out the sex of her baby. It's going to be GIRL. Cindy and I will be grandparents for the second time in a year. One boy, Brandon, and one girl to be named later. I'm returning back to my vacation I'll be back later.


Stephany said...

Congratulations! :) girls rule

Stan said...

Just what the world needs; another female driver {LMAO}

Mark Krusen said...


I think your right. Girls rule. Don't tell Barney Frank that though.


By time she's old enough to drive we'll be riding around in those Jetson air cars.

Ana said...


Mark Krusen said...

Thanks Ana.

susan said...

Mazel Tov!

Girl babies rule!

Mark Krusen said...


I actual do prefer girls. Maybe it's because they grow up to be Women.

susan said...

LOL. I love my nephew dearly, he was the first brand spanking new baby I ever held- he was about 12 hours old and still had new baby smell on him.

but i was so hoping for a girl- because their clothes are cuter and their toys are cuter too.

i realize now i risk the wrath of Stan by saying that-( I hope not anyway!) but......I really think Barbies are cuter than transformers, and the clothing for girls is way cooler.

Besides- my nephew has christened me how many times changing his diaper?

oh well. It could have been number 2.

Mark Krusen said...

Your safe from Stan. He's to busy looking at the picture of my but in the post above.

preciousrock said...

Congrats, Grandpa!